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About Me

Think i was like fifteen or sixteen when some dudes started talking about airsoft, needless to say i wanted to know more and being a prime example of the videogame-generation this was my "final frontier" an most likely will last me my lifetime to reach. Then again, it not the destination, its the journey.


Once the bolt-everything-you-can-on-your-gun-frenzy went away and i pulled apart my first AEG my true calling came to be. Been upgrading and even building guns from parts since it wasnt even invented this country and still do. Even started a company offering repair and upgrade-servises.


Nowdays i lie to myself and others that i have a real life full of other then running in the woods shooting toy-guns and doing important stuff on my free time like not playing MMOs and further mess about with forementioned toy-guns... That "real life" is just over-rated rubbish. Live free, live happy!


Anyways, i could keep on going till i sound some genuine smart person so to avoid that, heres the interesting stuff - The gun collection:


- Barret M82A1

AEG, snow wolf. "Barret on a budjet" All ACM parts from top to bottom. Looks good, hits like freight train and works smooooooth... 151m/s

- M249 MK2 / Para

Real collectors piece this. ALL external parts real-steel or the best replicas. Previous owner spent more on this then most spend on a house. 


- L96

Random ACM, dont even know what make. Slowly turned from a cheapo-junk to a friggin scary monster most get to undestand way too late.

- TAR21 'Tavor'

If anyone says this gun by ARES aint a masterpice, i say *fruitcage* you. It looks good, it works good, its fun to use and what else do you need?

- M21 

TM M14 based, tuned to max, limited to semi-only... Mystery-gun. No chrono of ANY kind is able to give it a reading. "Hows that even possible!?"


"AK, so easy to use even child can do it, and they do..." Minor tweaks, mosfet... Some things just dont need much more to be awasome.

- L85A1

Rusty beaten old junker. Pull the trigger and EVERYONE will duck for cover for the blowback sound alone... If not, they are hurting.


My masterpice. There are so many mods in this gun you wont believe and it all adds up. The end result is simply frightening, a god of CQB.

- M870 police

MZ CA870 based, CNC internals, R-hop /w AEG-barrel and full metal externals. Only word to describe this monster is "orgasmic"

- M870 "Mad Dog"

ACM 870 based. MZ gearbox, G&P fancy gripped pump-handle, real-steel folding stock... And... Umm... Much, much awasomeness


Dboys, few tweaks and a new barrel. CPU mosfet controls this mean piece of hardware. Dunno why but i just like the damn thing.

- ACR 'masada'

Cheapo A&K. The usual minor tweaks and this underdog turned into a real contender. Looks nice and works like a charm. "Try" turned fast into "buy"

- MP7A1 

Galaxy G7. Factory upgraded version of TM-version. Unique 2-piece CPU-mosfet and lipos put this miniatyre-monster in par with any AEG

- Dual G18c AEP:t

PIMP MY GUN! See something fancy for glocks? Ive got it in these allready. Upgraded to the max. These two have proven dual-wield DOES WORK!

- Dual M1911A1 GBB Co2

A noise from one of these can scare most ppl. Now imagine two of these aimed at you and let loose. "love the smell of CO2 in the morning..."

- Desert Eagle .50AE GBB (FM)

Full metal Desert Eagle. The true GOD of handguns. Pull this thing out of the holster and and you feel like Sexual Tyrannosaurus! Like me

- Desert Eagle AEP

Not so "tyrannosaurus" but the CPU-mosfet and big-*albatross* lipo make it a nasty addition for times when no GBBs work. Winter-wonder


ICS 2-piece gearbox made this thing a breeze to tune. Turns out its monster in the field, also looks friggin awasome. A True DMR

- M4A1 /w M203

Another ICS-based. "Test-bench" for upgrades. A challenge to do all a PTW can... And it does. Most users called it the "perfect M4"

- WE M16A1 "GBBR"

"Friggin hilarious" would be the best term to describe this thing. Totaly changed the way i tought about GBBRs: Best way to off the neighbours!

- Dan wesson "8 (gen1)

"Do you feel lucky punk? Do ya?" Pierced a VSR rear-stock at 9 feet with .43g bbs. Gonna need to limit the FPS and build a hopup.


- Wa Shan "double barreled" shotgun

BEST GUN EVAH! 2 barrels, 2 triggers, 9bbs per shell and holster mounted in the back of my molle-vest. True meaning to the term "badass"

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