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  1. TM Scorpion Drum and Standard mags are now listed as available in Japan from 28th June Jap retail 3980 and 2100 yen respectively
  2. There is no necessity in the real world to discharge NiCds once in use. Just re-charge, unless you always discharged and re-charge precisely ( as the original Nicads in Nasa Sats were ) the same amount, you have no chance of getting battery memory. All the sensible evidence points this out, and practical experience of our rental batteries over several years has confirmed it.
  3. There is a new Biotech dealer appointed by the Factory, who will be going on line in the USA this month based in CA, his web site is not up yet, but he will have the full range in stock, in quantity. There are other make of Biodegradable bbs by, Marui, Excel, King, and some others, but either they are unstable, and break down unwontedly, or not as biodegradable as Biotechs, and I do not think they are any cheaper. Biotechs do not break down until exposed to natural microbial bacteria found in the soil, so they will not go off in a clean mag, or if left in the window . I t
  4. Never did Chemistry so I can't comment on the molecular compostition but :~ Biotech’s are based on Bionelle, it has a certificate for being a compostable plastic resin and is used in agriculture, and other fields of application ( degradable plant pots fleece etc ). Made by Showa High Polymer, Japan who are the World leader in bio-degradable plastic's. Bionelle is broken down by microbiological organisms in the soil where BBBs reverts to carbon dioxide and water ( best translation I can make ) . I am writing to them for more information but I expect exact formular is a t
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