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  1. KnockKnock Productions presents the... FOR MORE ONFO PLEASE GO TO WWW.KNOCKKNOCKPRODUCTIONS.COM Date: November 19, 2006 Registration: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Game: 9:30 AM - Around 5:00 PM Cost of the game will be $40.00 per player A 10% discount for teams of 3 and 4 who sign up early. Just showing up will cost you $60.00 Count on this being the most unique and intense airsoft experience you have had to date. We at KnockKnock Productions have seen your excitement at the tactical challenges put on at the Winery, and have decided to hold one of these as a big event. The Kill
  2. Operation Falling Star Russian intelligence gets word that Syrian rebels are moving small arms and AA missiles to the Afghan border. If the rebels make it over the border with the antiaircraft missiles then the Russian military will not be able to give air support to anyone on the border. Russian generals’ order mig-29 to fly over the Afghan and Syrian boarder to find the enemy’s staging grounds. At 2300 a Russian mig-29 is shot down by surface to air missiles near the Afghan border. The aircraft that was shoot down has digital photos of the enemy’s base of operations. It is unknown
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