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  1. I just picked up a Sharp AQUOS LC-37GP1U. It's a very good 1080p LCD for a decent price.
  2. that skyhawk is the heat. Now do I need another citizen
  3. It isn't as cool as my omega seamaster but I like this style more: My new camera gear and Iphone case (seidio innocase: the best case I've ever own) lol, excuse the pics i took it with a crappy point and shoot.
  4. I'm not going wear out the finish on the Dboy's since I'm probably going to sell the ak. Not everybody wants their ak to look all worn out.
  5. the new dboys have a matte finish. It definitely makes it more toy like. I have one of the newer ones also with the wood handguards.
  6. P.S. I am well aware that one of the ak's has its safety off.
  7. is it me or the latch is a bit weak on the skeleton stock. I'm a lefty, and everytime I shoulder it, the skeleton stock likes to swing close (without hitting the button). I looked at the hinge/latch and I can't see any way of fixing this. while the kalash/boyi is a decent replica, the stock is annoying the ###### out of me (especially everytime I shoulder it, any pressure will cause the stock to fold)....!#!@#!@#!$!%!#$
  8. i see that customs also enjoyed eyeing your piece as well.
  9. its the DM kit. The receiver is nicer and thicker than inokatsu/rmw, but everything else that came with the kit is garbage when compared to the ino/rmw kit. I think i spent about a week sanding, finishing, filing, weathering, blah blah blah, to get it so it doesn't look like acme ######. The previous pictures was a mix of inokatsu and DM parts, but since i'm jobless/unemployed/with too much time on my hands, i'm trying to sell off the inokatsu parts, and fix the DM parts so its up to par with inokatsu's finish or at least until it doesnt scream acme. thanks guys for the complime
  10. wootz, redid my piece of Q@#$@#$! acme handguards from this: to this: got rid of the retarded bulge on the sides and behind the vertical grip, sanded down using the ino AIMS grip and pictures as a template, then dyed it w/ 5 coats of minwax red mahogany and applied 5 coats of varnish. Its a bit red, but i like it.......
  11. lol, you didnt get the sarcasm of his post, lol.
  12. thats just insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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