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    KWA Glock 18C (currently dead)
    HFC Glock 17
    CA Spc with TM pro-scope
    TM MP7 with Red dot ACOG and silencer
    Practical tactical molle vest with bulle pouches
    Tigerstripe BDU's
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  1. BB_Magnet


    Bonjour le marin
  2. Curse this site, first tiger stripe now this! Second arnies inspired impulse buy.
  3. Just wish I could interchange mags
  4. Indeed they are, Star do lowcaps in that style too
  5. Yes it's the sl9 stock, don't know if you can get it on it's own or if you have to buy the whole conversion kit though
  6. Nothing special, just one relatively unraped ca spc Will probably put an m203 on it at some point
  7. 1997 Skoda Felicia. 1300cc, 54bhp czech tractor engine. cue Tim Allen style arf arf arf. 0-60 in under a minute and i'm assured it has a top speed of 95 to 100 mph, however i've yet to check that out as the M5 doesn't give it enough of a run up. Fine motor
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