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  1. I know, must sound boring, but: no AKs ??? :-)
  2. are the new CO2 versions already equipped with the chromed inner barrel?
  3. i'm just saying that even RS parts are sometimes a tight fit. it's also possbile that the receiver is out of spec (0,00X inches might be enough) so that this isn't the case. And because WE and Systema have a die-cast receiver, they tend to break much easier than a PRIME receiver which is CNC'ed out of one solid block of aluminium.
  4. Same thing happend to my PTW with a real steel magpul trigger guard .. i broke my receiver. So i just bought a PRIME lower and installed it without any problems then. So it's not necessarily the trigger guard. Anyway, you should use your pliers to push the pin through .. don't tap it in with a hammer.
  5. it's an old ClassicArmy metal body set (about 5 years old)
  6. .. everyone wanted this gun after watching Heat :-) very nice.
  7. http://picasaweb.google.com/kcyauwil/WEGas...BackM416Series# these are the pics he wanted to post ..
  8. boingo: what's the purpose of these red stripes? ( besides looking fugly as hell)
  9. KAC RAS instead of the LaRue would be a better fit.
  10. pre-order .. the gun is the same (except few small parts) and if the mag isn't working properly i am sure you will get a replacement ;-)
  11. got mine a few days ago .. like Doncommie said: quality isn't the best but at 80 bucks it's ok. i liked their first version "TACTICAL SOFT SHELL" much more.
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