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  1. there's a thread for that in the loadout pics area.
  2. cyclops, I would definitely get that grip, houge is so comfortable and that grip looks ba.
  3. cyclops, that's an awesome foregrip but I'd get a new pistol grip to match. maybe something like this: http://cheaperthandirt.com/SHT086-56149-2166.html it would be easy to fit on the maruzen too.
  4. I think a big appeal of the ebr is the pistol grip.
  5. actually, a 'real man' would use two pistol grip shotties.
  6. pistol grip. it looks straight thug.
  7. guinness, how do you like it? I kinda want one.
  8. no, first we need a good, decently affordable galil arm, sar, and mar, then tavor, then negev, then pistols.
  9. don't know if anyone's said this but... negev.
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