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  1. WIP. Quick snaps of my IA HK416 still got lots to do.
  2. Updated pics of my MP7 with T-1 with mount (had a H-1 on before) and a silencer
  3. Looks much more like the RS bolts. wonder if there is a way to get that working in WA system
  4. Still working on my HK416, will try to get some pics up just need to locate a RS le stock with HK markings, only if I lived in the states .
  5. Shame they stick 6mm BB on there with all the nice trades.
  6. This review is helped me make the switch from KSC to TM.
  7. Really would like to go for a sig love all the metal kits on the TM's but have read the KJW is more closer to RS.
  8. IronWolf you get it yet got any pics?
  9. Nice paint shame its coming off the grip.
  10. Im also tracking some stuff from HK and the US, just playing the waiting game now.
  11. One handed yes feels a bit heavy on the front but thats more due to the steel outer barrel.
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