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  1. Latest addition to my collection. A next gen Marui M4 CQBR. I have added a SMR rail, QD silencer, PEQ15 and she is also sporting a real Eotech 552. I love this gun!
  2. Just as our big CQB event starts my primary M4 dies without firing a shot in anger. No worries. I brought a back up gun
  3. Cyma AK104. I love this thing.
  4. This was from a game a while ago. Hell of alot of fun!
  5. Yes I have the bevel gear already at one of the catch positions. I also make sure that the selector gear is in the 1 O'clock position. Join us. Tan is the new black
  6. @mikeG I use to have that same noise. What I did was when i took apart my gearbox I rolled the bevel gear back until it met with the anti reversal latch catcher. I haven't heard the noise since. @fabio G&P are locktights best customers. They love that stuff. It will come off it will just require some force. Here is my G&P Sentry Has to be the best value for money gun I have ever owned.
  7. I tried so many off the shelf paints but none matched. So i ended up going to a car & auto paint specialist. They can match and make you an spray can in the exact colour. It is expensive US$32 for the match and to have the aerosol can made up. That said, I probably spend close to that on all the fail paints put together. I asked for the paint number but the guy that gave me the can wasn't the guy who made it (24 hour wait) so he didn't know. I honestly wish I had done this first.
  8. Cheers guys. it is a G&P sentry as the base. I use to hate tan as well, but this thread made them grow on me
  9. Took me about 4 different paints before I finally got the 203 to match.
  10. Took me about 4 different paints before I finally got the 203 to match.
  11. Got myself some new head Gear =D I love the headset as well. I can't wait till my tan NZ flags get here. This is the only helmet that fits my big head and doesn't make me look like I put the "special" in special forces =D Only complaint is the straps are a bit rubbish.
  12. Cheers man. It is a levis jacket I bought about a year or two ago. It was on sale and cheap when I bought it.
  13. Yea it does have an interesting flash hide XD Fractalius 1.50 is the filter I used. Best one I have used so far.
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