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  1. Gretik


  2. I have a bunch somewhere... I hope they haven't gotten lost... They could have, I will have a look soon.
  3. That is the ugliest gun I have ever seen.
  4. It is done, one metal body and red dot added, took joeking and myself all day to do and the gun has been dubbed "F'ing Confusing". Honestly, it's a complete nightmare to take apart, on the other hand it looks saucy. Lets all go partay!
  5. Its a funky gun, one weak spot and the only one is the swing stock and even then only barely, if I fall on it hard it might break but I figure I could break any TM stock like that almost.
  6. Wrong sig, 552s dont have burst fire, TM realized it killed the gun and removed it. I'm not that daft.
  7. My sig arrived, Hoobah! Huzzah! Anyway, here is what it looks like before I stick the metal body and red dot on it: Joeking shut up.
  8. It is here... Well there... I shall be going there on friday, then... Then my prettys yes... Yes... YES! Mmmmm.... Sig..... Its here. I'll post a picture if my parents have found the camera after I fit the metal body.
  9. You do know I am american, don't you?
  10. I'm sorry, which country do you live in? Most of us live in england so I am guessing you do too, in which case you have no right to free speech, at all. Its an american thing. I feel the need to add "Dawg". Much better.
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