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    Making Stallone feel inferior since 1991
  • Birthday 08/08/1991

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    summer 2004
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    Fine, I'll update this.

    -G&G M14 Veteran type
    -Maruzen skorpion with wood grips, KN outer barel, 6.01mm inner, 13 mags
    -Pair of maruzen micro-uzis, 50rd version, 8 mags total
    -"Jessica" WELL R9 with vanity mirror in back, pink heart paintjob, makeup compartment, built-in speakers with MP3 input, and hand warmers. It's officially the girliest gun in history.
    -Galaxy MP7A1
    -TSD RPK
    -JG AUG
    -CM028s-turned AIMs
    -JG M4 CQB w/dboys metal body and clone 551
    -another galaxy MP7
    -DE USP
    -A&K M249 MK1
    -ARMY L85A1
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    If that gun was a woman I would make sweet love to it all night long.
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    hangar 18
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    Women, guns, making money playing/teaching guitar, writing, camping, auto racing.

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  1. u got band...u kno whot that meanz, rite? a mod baskially poop'd on u! LOLZ (P.S. This wasn't my idea to post this...it was all MCXL's idea. Blame him!)

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