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  1. It's just you. I think you're so short that it the monitor can't see you, and it thinks no one is actually there and that a hacker must be using your account, so it signs you out. Thank you Matt for bringing to my attention the important need for a special "midget" setting for users.
  2. Well, I just spent $2800 on a guitar and $300 on a pedal, so now that $2K isn't looking so big after all. I think I can see one of these in my future...
  3. Oh, come on, now that you went through all that you have to tell us the cost! Seriously, after this review I kinda want one and I'd like to know how many tears to wipe from my wallet.
  4. Hm, maybe. I haven't skirmished it (I'm mainly a collector now) so my finish is still looking pretty darn good. You could be right, though.
  5. Mmk, if any of you guys are picturephiles or something and are dying without pics of this, a review here has a pretty good selection of them.
  6. Okay, there will be delay on the pictures, since my computer got majorly *fruitcaged* by a virus and I'm going to Duluth for the weekend. I'll say though since I now have one, a 9.6v battery will NOT fit without modification to the wires. There is room in the stock for one, except you'll notice when your sliding the battery in that when it has about 1.5" left it starts pulling the wires in with it and it won't fit. The problem isn't that it's gripping the wire (well, it was originally but I put scotch tape on the wires and battery so it slides smoothly) but is that it pushes against the fuse u
  7. Mmk, a bit of an update. Today the black wire pulled out of the tamiya connector and the red wire pulled out of the fuse unit. I'm sure all you TM-humpers (seki, corkbulb) are probably dancing and singing now because you feel secure in your TM, but frankly TM's wiring isn't great either. G&Gs is better out of the box, it just wasn't secured in the connector very well. Since resoldering it, it now fires noticeably quicker too. So, yeah, the G&G is still better in every aspect. Nyah nyah! Oh, and I'll have a few pics of it up tomorrow I took with my gf's camera. No, dookieboy, I wil
  8. If that didn't completely avoid the point of these reviews, I would have. To get to the point, I didn't buy these with intent to use them heavily. 90% of the reason was to collect, and 10% was to review for you guys. The point of these was to report how the gun is OUT OF THE BOX. This means no modifications other than re-lubing if it's bone dry or cleaning the barrel. Shimming is not included. If I wanted to make the gun ready for a skirmish, I would have replaced half the gearbox.
  9. Oh, poo I popped a MAG 50 rounder into the MP7 today and lined it up to fire, and.... "WHIRPOP!" ...nothing hits the target. The bbs weren't feeding. I suspected that it had developed the mag catch problem described in the other MP7 review. Upon opening it up...yep, I was right. The Galaxy MP7 mags work fine, but my 10 MAG ones are now useless. I might try to make a new one or mod the old one, but I'm pretty p.o'ed right now. Knock the rating from a 9.5 to a 7.5. I'll PM pablo about editing the original post. As of now, the BE is probably the best for a skirmish weapon. Externa
  10. Ergonomics=how comfortable it is to hold and use. Accuracy and range are on par with a TM M14? Seriously? So far nothing but the G&G M14 can match a TM M14 out of the box, or at least that I've seen. Hm, maybe I oughta get one of these.
  11. How would you rate the ergonomics on it? The other review said it's really awkward, would you say the same? Also, how are the accuracy and range on it? Thanks! Oh, and good review too. Everyone loves pics !
  12. Well, poo, my MAG magazines stopped working today. Checked the mag catch, and it's developed a nice, deep groove that prevents their feeding. Great, I know have 10 50 round mags and 2 guns I can't use them in.
  13. Umm...everywhere in America. ASGI, Evike, airsplat, AEX, and pretty much everywhere else carrying G&G guns carries them all at reduced prices now. Sorry for everyone else, though, since this seems to only be on prices in the US.
  14. In retrospect, I probably should have given the M4 CQB an 8 or 9, but it's a seriously good gun. Next to a TM M4, there's no comparison. I couldn't find a flaw to mark if down on.
  15. Okay, for anyone wondering about mods for the AIMs stock and worrying they can't figure it out, WGC has your answer. It's really not that tough.
  16. Hm, interesting about the mags. Granted it wasn't perfect and they have some issues similar to what you have, but I found my MAG 50 rounders could fit and feed. How's your hicap? Oh, and awesome review
  17. Oh, man, *wipes tear*, that was a good one. Hm, maybe TM batteries work in clones after all. I'm pretty sure the 450mah ones won't work in TM, though.
  18. Well, it's been pointed out that the TM MP7 is a reach from perfect, so I won't need to restate that. The G.7 actually has a really solid front grip, and the BE does too (though not quite as much). The silencer adaptor is understandable, although I personally don't care since I don't plan on attaching a silencer. The selector is also understandable, although I found the BEs to be quite good. The well's wasn't bad, it's just that the switch is a bit larger than it should be. Frankly, I've handled the TM and Galaxy MP7 and, besides trades, there's really not a noticeable difference. There's a go
  19. The standard tightbore it comes with appears to be a really nice one, so Prometheus or PDI (maybe systema too) are pretty much the only way to go if you want to upgrade it.
  20. It has an AUG-style hop, and my firefly bucking fits like a glove so it takes standard ones. I'm 99.999999% sure it takes standard barrels too.
  21. ...by skipping this gun and buying a CA249. It'd cost at least as much as one to get this gun working decently.
  22. You guys might have different experiences, but was I the only one who thought this is hardly a support weapon? I have my review up in my big series of em if you need more detail, but mine fires incredibly slow, has a weak boxmag that can't keep up with >1000RPM, has terrible compression so that big spring goes to waste, is shimmed so poorly that it will probably explode within 15K rounds, and it had metal shavings in the barrel.
  23. You're welcome . I stuck an M100 in the gun today in hopes of bringing it down to a safer velocity. To my surprise, it chronoed at 365! This is probably because of the super long tightbore and awesome cylinder set. You UK guys will definitely need an M90 or weaker to use yours.
  24. You can. Click on the box next to the 1,2,3 page boxes that reads "x pages" and a window pops up allowing you to choose a page.
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