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  1. i'm waiting for replica mcmillan m2a stock.
  2. lol. little kids sure like to be right. and when they're not, they blame somebody else. so, does anybody have a good guide to getting to the inner barrel on the TM M14? i have a tightbore on it's way.
  3. well i was going to use the m25 flash hider on my SOCOM and turn it into something like this except no bipod and maybe the SEI front sight. or should i turn it into something like this with the Laylax RAS?
  4. anybody using this flash hider? http://www.x-fire.org/aeg/2004aeg/m14/m25/e.main.html
  5. haha yeah, he's my best friend so it's all good. a bunch of us chipped in it for it.
  6. one of my first tries at using photoshop. this is a Tanaka M700 AICS with a Leapers 3-9x40mm Illuminated Scope. Those are Butler Creek Scope Covers too. This gun will soon be my friend's on friday as it's his birthday gift.
  7. tasty ninja. i always wanted a motorcycle but i haven't gotten around to it. dammit, I need photos of my car but I still need to go pick it up from my uncle's house. and graham, go cry more cause you lose.
  8. Tanaka M700 AICS with: Leaper 3-9x40 with Butler Creek Scope Covers G&G Rubber Set G&G Striker Spring a Bipod is on the way.
  9. it's a trigger-happy one. you can order it from AEX at airsoftextreme.com
  10. 1cem4n


    Airsoft Guns and Gear
  11. if you filled up all the pouches, i'm going to cry haha.
  12. very nice. i love TM guns.
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