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  1. Good day for a skirmish. Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  2. I think William is selling other stuffs now. http://picasaweb.google.com/kcyauwil/Cinde...t_notification#
  3. Sorry if this may have been asked but what kind of o ring upgrades? Can't I just buy the orings from the local jobber?
  4. Oh well I don't see how using a steel barrel would justify and extra 80 bucks then... It's the WOC10 for me then. I hope this is better than my WE lol.
  5. What's the rationale with using steel instead of aluminum? Doesn't it make it heavier than a real M4?
  6. Sorry if I may have missed it but I noticed RW is selling a few versions of G&P M4? What's the different between a WOC10 and WOC13?
  7. I've got this rifle for weeks now and I haven't fired a round yet. It's still in the box lol.
  8. Me am already thinking of selling me WE for a G&PEE lol
  9. Very well made and worth the effort there usmc! Would you mind sharing on how you make those?
  10. Well, the inner surface of the barrel doesn't look like it's chromed.
  11. Yea what ###### me off is that they claim it's "solid core technology". I feel cheated. What's worst I even recommended to some of teammates. That's a "great" barrel u got there somegirls.
  12. Green BB = WE 0.36 Sniper Grade White BB = SGM 0.29 Residue from the green bbs. Hop up was full of it.
  13. http://weairsoft.com/products_show.php?id=...;products_id=67 This product is bs. It claims "'Solid Core Technology' - 0% internal bubbles". Yeah right! It's got one huge bubble inside it. I'll post up the photos tomorrow. Funny they claim it's solid core yet if you read the fine prints on the bag it says something like bubbles may form inside the bb if "ejection" (i think they meant injection) mold cools at a faster rate. The green bbs also leave a truck load of green substance on the hop and IB. Will post up these photos too.
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