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  1. This is the "Mark II" Prokiller, and no full auto. Its a nice pistol over all. Great Shooter, and very, very pleasing to the ears.


    That gun of yours isn't a Prokiller, it's some kind of frankengun. Looks like a F5 slide on a standard SV frame.


    Prokiller models 2000F, F3.9, F5, F6 and all the Gigant models have full auto. 'Mark II' has nothing to do with full auto, there were only a few F3.9 'Mark I' guns. 'Mark I' guns had a different barrel and chamber design they are easily spotted because they have black outer barrels. All F5, F6 and Gigants are 'Mark II' and so are the vast majority of F3.9's.

  2. me too. . .I've always wanted to shoot one.. .heard the power is easily over 400 fps right?


    (but overall, hate how it looks)

    With the extended barrel jacket (no hop-up) it's probably around 400. Even with the standard Gigant hop-up barrel it still shoots over forum limits.


    A lot of people don't like the looks, but it's quite impressive when you see it in the flesh. Its got a lot of weight to it and the finish, especially on the folding stock, is very good. Although the stock does wobble a bit. It's also got some nice features that the standard Gigant doesn't have such as a slightly different frame and a neat little pivoting cocking handle built into the rear sight. I did contemplate taking the whole rail system off and slapping on a normal 6 inch slide and turning it into an SMG, but I never got round to it in the end.

  3. Hey Andy, whatever you do dont over use it!!!!!! It might end up breaking like mine.
    In what way did it break? Did the internals break? I've got a standard Gigant to use for spares incase that happens.

    If you ever find a way to add hop up to it let me know!!!!
    I'm gonna use the barrel assembly from my standard Gigant as that has hop-up. Not sure if you could buy the barrel seperately, as I can't find out what the WA part number is.

    RaTcHeT, ANDY_B. do you mind do me a little favour? can you measure the length of the stock please? from the end to the folding hitch and from end to the bit it attached o the pistol . thanks alot
    I'll do that for you when I get home, I'm at work at the mo.
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