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  1. It had a hand in me moving to UK. But now, people are no longer playing airsoft :/
  2. Some people want perfection. Or at least see the perfection that could be achieved. It goes both ways. It can also mean paying attention to, and appreciating, small details that others skim over. Also try Botafogo in Hudds. It's good. Except that one time where they served me a regular coke instead of the diet coke i asked for.
  3. Iron Fortress is the inhouse brand of Dragons Lair in Denmark. Unfortunately, i would be painting a bulls eye target on myself if i spoke more of these things. It's a rough business :/
  4. That's a shame. They made really awesome LARP swords for no money. They were innovators back in the day that other companies cloned. I used to handle them in Denmark where they are/were made.
  5. This thread is over a 1000 pages long.
  6. Testing out a danish made 3D jacket Hood up during gameplay.
  7. If you like high quality youtube, you should check out SVP / SVPTube. It's a frame interpolation tool for videos, and it supports youtube streaming. Upscale 30fps videos to 60, 120 etc.
  8. ASCU applies braking regardless of your ARL. I won't apply any less with the ARL, not that i have heard of. AFAIK the only unit on the market which has adaptive braking / overspin control is the Gate TITAN. It will auto-adjust between shots so it always sits in the same spot. And yes, you should absolutely always use the ARL with ASCU.
  9. Consider running a WARFET instead for the precocking features. Tbh, i would go with ASCU instead, they are nicer to shoot on semi. Or better, wait for Gate Titan.
  10. Probably has a note inside saying "save me".
  11. Start things that run themselves and benefit everybody. You can prevent crime by giving people other options. Start a service (?) that helps and manages people getting back into work. Get people a roof over their head that they can rely on. Food on the table. Management of ever looming debts. A stable everyday. Stress and depression is what puts people on the street. All these chavs or whatever scrounging around doing odd-jobs, it only goes one way really. We can't expect these people to claw their way out of a hopeless situation. They have to get help with what is to you and me even the simp
  12. www.peecee.dk Unlimted photo uploading, allows direct file links, no *fruitcage* about.
  13. Anybody tried the alu bolt for it?
  14. I think the small backpack propane tanks aren't that much cheaper, but if you use the re-useable big yellow tanks at gas stations, it's like 1/40 the cost of normal green gas. You could fill from it over into smaller bottles at home.
  15. jal3

    Other pistols

    I had one of those once! Before they were collector stuff. Unique but not that interesting for combat.
  16. I don't get. Seriously i think any WE GBB i get in my hands have failed due to *suitcasey* material of a triggerset part. Valve knocker, disconnector, knocker reset, etc...
  17. Thanks. It should not break with ultra air at 16C IMO.
  18. Thanks. I've seen them break like that before, but with CO2 mag. I think maybe UltraAir has slightly higher pressure than average green gas though? What was your fps?
  19. Could i ask for a high quality photo of broken parts? To see if there's bad moulding.
  20. You blew the plastic slide apart (at the front) with normal greengas / ultra air?
  21. jal3

    Artistic Airsoft

    It shoots too hard for any UK use anyway, it's more of a fun gun, or mechanics/experimenters gun. At 800+fps with 0,20 on CO2, you can imagine where this can be taken with 0,89 on HPA.
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