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  1. You're a hard one to please, aren't you? (@amateurstuntman)


    Some people want perfection. Or at least see the perfection that could be achieved.

    It goes both ways. It can also mean paying attention to, and appreciating, small details that others skim over.


    Also try Botafogo in Hudds. It's good.

    Except that one time where they served me a regular coke instead of the diet coke i asked for.

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  2. I ordered two pairs of leather bracers from a local Palnatoke partner.

    Turns out, Palnatoke went bust and closed shop last week.

    The shop refunded my obviously cancelled order, and I went to spend it at Mytholon instead.

    For 12 quid more I got two pairs of leather bracers, a shirt and a belt hanger for things like gauntlets, rope coils and stuff. All at 10% Easter discount.

    And I still have a 15% discount voucher at the other shop that I intend to use next month.


    That's a shame.

    They made really awesome LARP swords for no money. They were innovators back in the day that other companies cloned. I used to handle them in Denmark where they are/were made.

  3. That's because the ASCU without the anti reversal is relying on the motor to stop the geartrain from reversing. If the motor isn't strong enough (IE: the stock ferrite 32tpa motor that Specna supplies which is identical to the old Chaoli stock motors that all the ACM AEGs come with) then the motor will need more current to apply the braking force to stop the gearbox in the right place, leading to a current spike the ASCU thinks is indicative of a problem - hence the alarm mode.


    If you have a strong neodynium motor in there, it won't need so much current to apply braking force and as such will hol\d better. But if you have an anti reversal in there it won't need to apply any braking force at all, leading to a longer life span for the motor and the geartrain, as well as your battery.


    This is one of the reasons I really dislike the ASG CZ Skorpion, because they completely removed any provision for the anti-reversal, meaning you reduce the range of motors you can use with the AEG and still have it work reliably.


    Essentially: this is a very complicated and unreliable method of solving the problem that the antireversal already fixes.


    ASCU applies braking regardless of your ARL. I won't apply any less with the ARL, not that i have heard of.

    AFAIK the only unit on the market which has adaptive braking / overspin control is the Gate TITAN. It will auto-adjust between shots so it always sits in the same spot.


    And yes, you should absolutely always use the ARL with ASCU.

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  4. This is my project HK 416c. I swapped out the VFC internals for the WE Katana split gearbox. I installed the GATE MERF 3.2 mosfet unit and am waiting for the weapon light and PEQ box to come in. I also added a Ready-Mag since I plan on running this thing in CQB.






    Consider running a WARFET instead for the precocking features.

    Tbh, i would go with ASCU instead, they are nicer to shoot on semi. Or better, wait for Gate Titan.

  5. I've been feeling a little insignificant in my journey that is life,I'm just a manager in a bar and I've always wanted to serve my country.


    So I downloaded the general criteria for joining the police, was slightly worried there might be a maximum age to sign up.


    And the fitness requirements don't look ridiculously strenuous, pretty sure I could pass now but would want to trim down a bit and increase my stamina first to make myself a more attractive candidate.


    Start things that run themselves and benefit everybody. You can prevent crime by giving people other options. Start a service (?) that helps and manages people getting back into work. Get people a roof over their head that they can rely on. Food on the table. Management of ever looming debts. A stable everyday. Stress and depression is what puts people on the street. All these chavs or whatever scrounging around doing odd-jobs, it only goes one way really.

    We can't expect these people to claw their way out of a hopeless situation. They have to get help with what is to you and me even the simplest of things, even if they seem capable.


    I've always wanted to start an association, service or whatever that does this. No strings attached, easy to approach job seeker help. Not bury people who need help in paperwork.

    I just don't know how to get employers in on it without undercutting fair wages. Perhaps the quality of a supported worker (on other things than wage-benefit) is better than what they'd usually get for the same wage, encouraging them to come back to the service for more supported workers.


    Lots of clubs and organizations focuses on things like this (eg. street soccer clubs and so on) to give people a community or outlet with a different group of people, that can help drag them out of communities that don't benefit them as well.

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  6. Thank christ someone else agrees. PB is a bloody nightmare now, it used to be SO simple, fast and easy to use. 3 years later and it still *fruitcage*s me off. 



    Unlimted photo uploading, allows direct file links, no *fruitcage* about.

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  7. Sorry I just have this one, the slide gone in after sale services few weeks ago, but I didn't see any bad moulding prove on it. I should take it back in polymer tomorrow from my partner.



    Thanks. I've seen them break like that before, but with CO2 mag.

    I think maybe UltraAir has slightly higher pressure than average green gas though? What was your fps?

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