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    Artistic Airsoft

    How close is it to A.P.S' M50? http://www.aps-concept.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=20_84&product_id=81
  2. Paging CZFan..... Need to know if we can fit RS parts on it. Particulary sights, mag catches and slidestops.
  3. The frame on the airsoft one is *suitcase*.
  4. Sometimes i wonder if the people who design platecarriers are having a competition with the people who design AR15 fronts. There's just no end to either.
  5. The YT video is 60fps, but your source material varies in FPS greatly. It's only running 60fps in a few instances. I'd say it's swinging between 30-40fps most of the time. It may be the camera that cannot follow if you record in high resolution. FYI.
  6. That EVO is a *fruitcage* laser. The spread is basicly you moving it around. Do you have any overspin issues at that ROF? Or is it DSG on 7,4v?
  7. Pretty alright footage considering the recording solution. IIRC there's mounts out there for iphone to PVS recording, but no guarantee's on that one. Another solution would be a sidemounted gopro (without the big case) and a 90 degree partial reflective lense. http://www.uqgoptics.com/default.aspx These guys might be able to help. Looking through (hah) lense catalogues is terribly confusing.
  8. Good with some non gimmicky NVG play. Nobody else ran NVG? Seemed like a turkey shoot.
  9. Yup...e-cig something in a glock.
  10. Newly started players held an event in Rørdal, Denmark. It's a ruin-city used by firefighters etc. to train various rescue scenarios. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.953607201357455.1073741862.763162397068604 More pictures can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.953607201357455.1073741862.763162397068604 Shot with 550D and 50mm II + sneaker zoom.
  11. Never, ever, store your LiPo's in the gun, connected. The classic LiPo fire happens because wires shorts inside the rifle. Now imagine that happening while the rifle is inside a cloth bag in your car, or worse, under the bed at home while you're in a different room. This is how houses burn down. With computerized relays (aka, always draining power), it can also kill the batteries when you forget it and put the rifle away. ASCU is quite guilty of this.
  12. http://imgur.com/gallery/1t7ZX Spotted this today. Amazing. The zoom in faces are meme worthy.
  13. Second last photo looks straight out of a movie. Good job.
  14. Bjorn: Is there any chance that you could measure the spread of the airstreams coming out? I've noticed on paintball markers that this correlates with precision sometimes. It might be somewhat difficult to measure on an airsoftgun, but perhaps by shooting at some strings it would be visible.
  15. Nice video...good back and forth action. But man, it also shows why semi in CQB can suck...people really don't take their hits, or react "delayed".... A fast 5-round burst stops people way faster.
  16. Really liking how efficient this rifle is. Also liking that the accuracy was alright, this bodes well. 48ci/3000psi is a very small tank. Since you're using a backpack tank (and i expect, most would), it would be easy to use a 100ci/4500psi tank. Then we're talking close to 7500 rounds on a fill. I see that the barrelnut looks proprietary. Do you think mounting any sort of RIS on this is viable? The only one i can think off, is the UTG one that clamps around the barrelnut. Even normal M4 RIS won't fit because they clamp inside the barrelnut.
  17. Whoah there. I'm just observing. The conclusion is just the expectance of a certain result based on previous experience...which i wrote
  18.     That's not the case at all. I've written that i would really want to see a solid HPA product, and when that happens i'll go back to HPA. I don't think that can be interpretted as being against HPA products I've even been one of the biggest proponents for SMP around when people have complained about high price (MSRP doesnt matter, margin does), T-1000 ripoff (people don't understand it's not a complete system at all) and so on. Bjorn: That is exactly the base issue i've seen in polarstars for years. It's as if someone is dialing the hopup back
  19. No, just highly unlikely, to the point of being futile to expect a good result out of a HPA solution Denmark is one of the biggest importers of polarstar. I think we account for 40% of amped airsofts export alone (don't quote me on that though). I've personally owned polarstar products. I've made a point of always trying other peoples polarstar rifles when possible, or watching their rifles BB path/spread (watching over their shoulder when sighting in etc). My conclusion is solid. Polarstar products have some unique, odd accuracy characteristics that makes them unwanted. Scores of peop
  20. There's something plagueing all these HPA replacement solutions. It's the same symptoms; super stable FPS, hopup all over the place in either a curve or entirely random. I'm all for finding the source of the problem and developing a consistent, repeatable solution to it. Then i'll be (back) on the HPA wagon. However, i do not agree that checking alignment again solves it. There's a deeper issue. Too long nozzles is worth exploring further. It should be possible to add spacers on the polarstars to adjust nozzle length. Obviously, spacering the hopup away from the gearbox
  21. This is the issue with the polarstar too. I had hoped the SMP wouldn't be the same. Shame "All it does is push air out and that's it". Yep...the true thing to take away from this is that there's a lot more to accuracy than we understand so far. How air is let into the barrel has a lot to say for accuracy.
  22. That's one hell of a luxurious field. Even the barricades takes credit cards.
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