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  1. In the lower left corner of the page, there's a button called "change theme". It allows to switch between normal and mobile.


    Is there any chance of more themes? Specificly dark themes to ease viewing (at night :) ).

  2. *badger*s.

    You post trackable about yourself all over the net. It's just now/here you try to play the PERSEC card.

    Your name, your facebook profile, your city, your age, your workplace, pictures of you, named pictures of you at airsoft unobscured, whatever you want.

    It took me less than 5 min to find this, based on info from your profile here. On a 256kbit connection.


    I'm gonna be nice and not post links or write it here, so it won't be indexed by tineye or google.

    It is _not_ meant as a threat in any form. Just something to back up my opinion of finding your behaviour amusing. Even other gear collectors point it out. You should just smile at yourself instead of going ballistic or pushing the PERSEC attempt.


    And yes, nice gear. Your custom rifle is a nice job. Peace out.

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  3. Feel I should clarify something a bit further about my comment re Eizen's photo further up the page- I wasn't taking the ###### out of him or meaning to be an *albatross*. I've got no issue with guys blacking their faces out in pictures. I did it myself on facebook pictures until I got a profile specifically for work. I just found the combination amusing. 


    Kickass loadout.

    I find it highly amusing. Even better is the post with "i dont want my face all over the internet" next to his face, on the internet.

  4. Is the accuracy better/worse with the ra-tech barrel? Stock accuracy on these rifles are supposedly pretty good already. I'd upgrade barrel length primarely for more energy.

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