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  1. I was still thinking that is a mistake, but ehobby did a magnet test in the video... body is plastic. On a gun priced on 350 bucks... Like for real?!

    The magnet test is to display steel parts.

    Aluminium, which most receivers are made out of, does not react in a magnet test.


    That's not to say it's not plastic; it probably is when they write so.

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  2. I think you should chrono your gas rifle instead of guessing. I've seen WE rifles straight up doubling energy from 0,20 to 0,40.
     And double again from 0,40 to 0,87....

    Then again, it's more the sites fault than yours. This is what they get when they chrono with 0,20 rather than the BB weight used. Maybe some more abuse is good, it might initiate some changes in how brit sites chrono.

  3. I'll get some proper pictures once the build is actually complete, but here's a pic someone got of me on Sunday with my new WE M4;

    It was overhopping .3's out the box, so I put some .4's in it... I actually feel guilty about the performance, it wipes the floor with nigh on everything running Madbull .40's, the range is ludicrous. The Eotech is getting replaced with a Recce scope as a result once I can afford it.


    The WE barrel nut is unfortunately not R/S spec on the teeth, so the rail is clamped down on some electrical tape... Bah. Anyone got a good recommendation for a US retailer that'll ship me a bog standard AR barrel nut? There's one on Brownells for $10, but all the reviews are stating the teeth break; Saying that, not sure I'll need 32ft/lbs of torque on a toy gun...


    Try chronoing it with those 0,40's, maybe there's a good reason you feel guilty... ;)

  4. Yeah my rendering time can be like an hour sometimes, depending on how much greenscreen and stuff I stick in.



    I'll look into that buddy. Thanks very much!


    Here's a question for all of you. How do you think we can get the traffic of our channels up? I spend ages making videos, so when only 500 people view them, and only 20 people like them, it can be a bit discouraging. Channels like Scoutthedoggie have got tens of thousands of views, and although his videos are beautiful quality, they're not spectacularly better than some of the other videos online. What draws people in, and how can we get more exposure so that we're motivated to keep doing what we love?


    Put boobs on the playlist pic.

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  5. On a 9.6v NiMH, the gun's running with a rate of fire that most guns get on an 11.1v LiPo, and on a 7.4v LiPo the trigger response and rate of fire is better than most guns on a 9.6v NiMH. I've not tried it on an 11.1v LiPo because I'm still running the stock Ares clear plastic piston, and those have a tendancy to shear off at the back on 11.1v batteries.

    Wouldn't it be easier to just write the actual ROF.

  6. The problem is not just that the price-to-quality ratio is horrible, they're actually quite *suitcase* out of box. Faulty motors, horrible shimjob, botched hopup, breaking receiver etc.


    There's people here who pay(paid) 1500-2000£ or more for AEG's too. There's people who will throw any kind of money at something if they think it's good, even though you can only throw so much money at parts before it's just pure extra.


    When people pay that much for the product, they pay for the skill put into it, not the parts themselves.

    Considering the bad QA on PTW's, you can't really justify the price that way.

  7. The problem with PTW is that they're quiten often faulty and parts cost a fortune. Local warranty is nil, because the local prices are too high.

    With DTW and DTW parts, you get the same functionality at a price much lower. It's a lot more fun to toy around with it when a complete gearbox costs 50£ and all the parts are available for individual purchase.

  8. Why this focus on reproducing the "correct" shades on the surface treatment?

    RS weapons are just machining parts with surface treatment against wear. They come in dozens of random shades of grey/black. You can't really match a color because there's no certain original RS color.


    It doesn't help either that the color tones change a lot depending on how they're photographied.

  9. I'm sitting with a friend's MK23 that i've tested over a long time. The barrel is replaced, and it doesn't work properly. It can move back and fort 1-2mm, and while it mostly shoots ok, at some point the hopup rubber gets moved forward too and the nozzle loses seal.


    So in my opinion only the stock barrel works.


    Since my friend was smart and cut up his MK23 barrel instead of saving it, i'm in a situation where i need to fix it anyhow...


    The main problem is that the standard cutouts on an AEG barrel overlap where they should be on the MK23 barrel, which means that cutting out clip cutouts just makes the original cutouts longer rather than 2 seperate cutouts.


    It may be possible to work around this by using the barrel clip in reverse, but there's some other problems associated with that too...



    If someone could take a side-by-side pic of the stock barrel and another barrel, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I think the hopup window is also cut differently.

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