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  1. Any success from the US on getting one of these?


    Really want to pull the trigger on one but every site except KIC seems to be sold out.. Considering negotiating with them to sell to me.


    NonEx, love the realism on your RS project, I remember looking at your HK3P Glock 17 video and thinking the same.

  2. Yeah, hopefully so. I favor the G19, and would rather have a G19 by TM than KWA just for the fact that it has a wider variety of upgrades and IMO, is of better quality. Anyone know of another G19 maker, other than like, Marushin?

  3. Is that a KWA G19? I don't recall them having serial plates, correct me if I'm wrong.


    On another note, I've noticed that KWA's website no longer features the M series (Glock series). Are these going out of production, and if so, does anybody know where I could get a G19, preferably of high quality. I wish TM made one, as I'm much more comfortable with the G19. And with a somewhat lack of aftermarket parts, should I just give up and get a G17 instead?


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