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  1. Anybody have an idea as to what replica MICH to get, I'm looking to make a current U.S. Army loadout, but really don't want to drop $200+ on a real one. I'd like a heavier one and one that's solid and not hollow and plasticky like some of the replica's I've seen. Also, it needs to be compatible with the Blackhawk ARPAT (ACU) MICH cover, as I've already acquired one. With so many different MICHs, I'm a bit lost. Any ideas?


  2. Agreed. If anything is to be said externally, G&P is definitely the best way to go. Although I'm not quite sure about the compatibility with the G&P bodies, would be absolutely perfect if they matched up.

  3. Yeah, hopefully so. I favor the G19, and would rather have a G19 by TM than KWA just for the fact that it has a wider variety of upgrades and IMO, is of better quality. Anyone know of another G19 maker, other than like, Marushin?

  4. Is that a KWA G19? I don't recall them having serial plates, correct me if I'm wrong.


    On another note, I've noticed that KWA's website no longer features the M series (Glock series). Are these going out of production, and if so, does anybody know where I could get a G19, preferably of high quality. I wish TM made one, as I'm much more comfortable with the G19. And with a somewhat lack of aftermarket parts, should I just give up and get a G17 instead?

  5. Anybody know about the G&P M4 RAS Front Set, and whether or not there are any KAC Trades? If not, does anybody know of an RAS kit similar to G&P quality that has Knight's trades? Or, even though I doubt this, but are the RS KAC trades painted, or lased/etched? Would it be hard to find a stencil to Krylon trades on?

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