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  1. Hey guys. Just to show you where mine is at the moment. The rifle now runs great, I've fired somewhere around 20 magazines using the stiffer recoil spring with steel buffer and it runs perfectly. Just as it did when I first took it out of the box for those opening range tests. If I use the stock buffer and stock spring it won't go more than 3 bbs without something going wrong, so its extremely satisfying for me to shoot mag after mag without those issues. I swear I was going to set fire to the damn thing at one point haha. I've also installed a plain jane WE hop bucking that I stole
  2. That's cool ^ I received my new stiffer buffer spring and initial tests confirms it has stopped my double feeding/Jam/Gas dumps. I've only had roughly 6 mags shot with the new spring though. I also had the hammer spring upgraded too, I didn't really need it but as some players were getting light strikes when using propane but I thought why not. More shooting is needed.
  3. I'm plagued with the bolt bounce. I've swapped out the nozzle o ring with one that's a little thicker. It's improved slightly. I've ordered a stiffer recoil spring and hammer spring to try out, apparently it eliminates the bounce which then leads to double feeds. I'll let y'all know if it works.
  4. You got a reply from A1A? I've sent them an email a week for 4 weeks complaining that my OSP is bent and got nowhere. Andy Dufresne tactic didn't work obviously lol.
  5. I know what you mean, for a rifle such as the Hk417, it ought to be able to hit stuff accurately. For spare parts WGC is pretty much the go to place, although you could order direct from VFC via email. Within the EU, Hit sports.de has various 417 parts if your German is up to scratch.
  6. Have you got another inner barrel to try out? Even a stock WE M4 length barrel provided better results than the stock one.
  7. I cannot tell at the moment as mine still double feeds and gas dumps upon the second shot. Loading one in the chamber along with using the improved VFC bucking and angry gun tight bore sends the bb straight and flat. For inconsistencies I have heard of people using the flat side of the hop adjuster (seesaw thing) and having better shots. Alas with mine after nozzle change, hop up replacement and new upper receiver I'm still no closer to running through a magazine properly. I'll try a new bolt carrier as mine at the moment has some wear. Failing that I'll set fire to it.
  8. Forgot to add, my old broken part that I replaced has the same issue.
  9. Certainly something to keep an eye on for sure. Replacement upper has run me $85, could have done with that going on other things but I can't wait to get the rifle working again.
  10. Mine didn't come with one. But that was one of the first batch 417's. As I understand they have been released fairly recently.
  11. All be aware to make sure your nozzle guide/bolt lock interface isn't developing marring and wearing causing burrs and protrusions. On mine it cut a jagged edge on the inside of the upper making the carrier have an uneven travel causing double feeds and failures. My 417 is f'd up, so keep an eye out fellas. I've since filed the guide smooth and awaiting to hear back from VFC on a new upper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZIhyD-eeNk
  12. Congratulations on your new purchase. Do you have the newer version hop up bucking inside? The older one has the tab on the side which slots into the recess cut in the hop up chamber. (Newer version does not and uses a half moon shape bb contact point instead of the rabbit tooth type) If it's the old one, then it should be discarded. I was getting bad overhop on varying weight bbs, even with the hop off. Yep inaccurate as hell! The new version seems to stabilise the bb to shoot straighter and flatter. Mine also was really tight to separate in the beginning. But wore in eventual
  13. It's actually quite decent. Compared to the old one, bbs seem to fly arrow straight. Well that is when only the one bb is in the chamber before firing. I'm trying to compile a list of parts that could effect my double feed issues. 1. Bolt carrier has marring along where the striker release tab has ground along it. 2. When using the charging handle to slowly seat the carrier into battery the nozzle/or carrier(due to part 1?) sits a little low until the lugs catch the barrel extension and jumps in as it closes. Sometimes it doesn't jump up and just stops just in front. Happens with
  14. New improved VFC bucking. They changed their design ever so slightly.
  15. Thanks guys. I've lubed the nozzle o ring and that seemed to have stopped the nozzle bouncing out with the carrier. Having some misfiring though. Shot one fine, shot two dry and shot three two bbs fly out. Grr! All I want to do is use it in game.
  16. ^ That's impressive! Say... What do you guys make of this? I need a different perspective, I believe this is the cause of my double feeds/jams.
  17. I can concur on the increased efficiency with ramjet valves. Here's quick snaps of the broken hop up. Could have broken perhaps because I've disassembled it so many times testing out various setups that I may have been a little rough and snapped off both halves? I don't know. Good job spare parts are pretty cheap.
  18. Incredible! Nice work. Are they thinner than the standard G36 magazine shell? The number one thing I don't like about the G36. Mags are freaking huge.
  19. Ramjet valves are totally awesome aren't they? It has the most violent recoil I've ever known on a GBBR. It feels almost too heavy for it to be any good for the internals to remain intact. Time will tell I spose. I've just ordered a new hop chamber as mine broke on both sides where it contacts and connects to the notches cut in the barrel. As for barrel I've finally got around to ordering an angry gun tight bore. Been too side tracked recently on building my KSC USP tactical kit but soon to have the 417 battle ready :-)
  20. Crappy iPad camera but two of my favourite pistols. KWA MK23 and KSC USP Japanese version (modified tactical) Alas the Mk23 is no longer mine but I just can't get enough of the USP. Says a lot when I ditched my Marui Glock 17 for this at last nights game. Glock just couldn't keep up.
  21. WOLVERINES! I've finally got some Red Dawn Russian Camouflage. Although it isn't the complete movie issued jumpsuit, it's pretty much the same pattern. Love the Cold War era.
  22. My new KSC USP .45 System 7 Japanese Version. What's cool down?
  23. I'd say it's definitely possible to improve it to a stage where it could be DMR worthy. Are you tempted?
  24. I too have a Maple Leaf 75 bucking and it's killing off my velocity so much that the bbs get about 20 metres out and drop. Even with adjustments from off to fully on. I plug in a stock WE GBBR bucking shooting .25's and .30's and its fine. Dark and mysterious forces lurk within, my friends won't believe me. I think it would be better for both of us if you send me your 20" 417 and you can have mine. Come to think of it the Maple Leaf bucking is the diamond 75 VSR/Pistol version. That's not right for the GBBR is it?
  25. Mine has been a bit fussy. Trying to get the hop set up, magazines losing pressure resulting in sluggish performance and double feeding are the main things I've experienced. Ramjet valves for the magazines were the solution for the cyclic issues. A broken nozzle guide was the reason behind my double feeds. And a more intermediate bucking helps with the hop. I may try using aeg shims on either side of the see saw thing that applies pressure to the bucking, see if it decreases my occasional fliers. I can't stand the sight of this gun now, I want to do something else haha.
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