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  1. Unfortunately my chrono isn't one to be trusted anymore. Far too old and shot up, so I can't give you any results. Sorry. Have a go with yours, I'd like to know if they change the fps. That's strange you're still getting the issues Zereck. On mine it would cycle without shooting the bb and then load another one and fire two. They'd both hit the target with some force though. I had 10 trigger pulls to a full magazine. It was crazy. Problem corrected with a new bolt/nozzle guide. I guess you've replaced the nozzle and everything inside for the bcg?
  2. Update: I replaced this broken part and now there's no double feeds and fires just as she ought to. Also the ramjets on my mags weren't working correctly because of the idiot installing them didn't notice the factory O rings from the original valves caught inside. Oops. Anyway she runs like a monster now, recoil is violent, crisp and fast. This upgrade is a must in my book, much more impressed now then when I first took it out from its box. Also upgraded is the Maple Leaf 75 degree Monster VSR bucking which puts a .30 on the tip of the front iron.
  3. The piece at the end of the valve isn't connected to the main valve body. It's difficult to explain but requires very careful insertion into the magazine housing so it doesnt misalign. Also some of the valves I have noticed can't be fired when screwed all the way in tight. They require back tracking slightly until the pin can be depressed. Some of them can be screwed in tight and are able to be fired and some aren't as willing. I might have not taken the greatest care of a couple of them in assembly, I'll revisit at some point. Have been far too preoccupied with the double feeds and trying to
  4. I hope so, part on order. Probably be after Xmas to find out if it works. In an another discovery enhanced mag valves by Azimuth meant for the 5.56 mags actually work in the 417 magazine. I just didn't realise that they could be unscrewed thus being within good contact with the striker. (Screwed in were far too short). Results are INCREDIBLE! A+studios have also released a valve specifically for it, results are also as pleasing, although a bit of a pain to get working.
  5. No they haven't got back to me after I replied to their suggestion. I have it in pieces time after time, trying with different barrels and all cleaned out. My nozzle retainer guide (steel piece which also acts as the bolt stop) has broken where it connects to the bolt cam. So it could have the double feed issue here as the nozzle has a bit of play up and down. Zereck have a look at this part on yours.
  6. I thought it might have been the hop up rubber too, sadly not. I emailed VFC for some guidance and they said that it may be that the hop has been adjusted too much and to turn it off to relieve pressure. This didn't work. I've only taken mine once since I got it all those months ago. Hope you get your MP7 sorted.
  7. The size of the buffer and spring is indeed larger than the M4. Mine double feeds all the time now, it isn't the nozzle as I tried a new one and still performs the same. No damage to magazine feedlips or hop up ramp/chamber either, I don't get it.
  8. Agreed. Magnified optics make perfect sense to me. I'm short sighted and colour blind, I need all the help I can get. I'd be lost without my Trijicon Acog.
  9. I use the GHK speed loader and it's been fine. Anyone had jamming issues with their mags? Maybe just an off batch I had from Sniper-as.
  10. I used to have a Mk23, would have been the best pistol I've ever owned if it weren't for the fact that spare parts are very difficult to come by. I sold it to find a replacement which had all the features such as upgrade ability, picatinny rail, SA & DA and plentiful resources for spares. Here's to making you jealous :-P
  11. Filling the thread with more Koch. Bada Bing has awarded his offensive handgun contract to Heckler & Koch...again.
  12. I used WE G36 magazine springs as it was all I had to hand at the time.
  13. It is double stacked. I recently modified a couple of my mags with 30rd WE GBBR magazine springs to allow 30 round capacity. It works quite well.
  14. Just a quickie taken this morning in the safe zone. Marui HK416 Recoil VFC HK417 GBB Marui MP7A1 GBB
  15. I'll give that a go. Stock rifle does NOT shoot straight haha Vfc produce the sniper kit which I did think about using if at all compatible with the gbb version. But to retain it's manuverability I'd probably bolt on a suppressor, a nice optic along with a bipod. Can at least quickly switch back if my mood changes.
  16. Interesting. Thanks. Personally I'd keep mine the way it is. Try my hand at the whole DMR thing.
  17. Thanks It appears to be the trigger with an extended ledge built onto the rear to stop it from engaging when selected to auto. As it still has the auto sear, I'd assume that cutting off some of the material would allow fully automatic.
  18. No worries. It's horrendously inconsistent. Stock VSR bucking is garbage, no matter what bb weight/brand I put through it. A friend of mine gave me a Laylax VSR bucking to try out, I've yet to test it. I have no idea what it chrono's at as a friend of mine broke my chrono. I was using Puff Dino gas and propane. It's semi auto only as I bought the European version from Germany.
  19. So far the internals are doing ok, just light scratches on the bcg and some deforming on the nozzle, not really enough to cause any issues (yet). FCG is also doing just fine. This is my first VFC GBBR, I'm just waiting for something to happen Sorry mate. Its all done now and live. Also had a Stag party/event to go to as well, it would have been up sooner otherwise. Hope you all enjoy fellas. Thanks
  20. I'm headed out tomorrow for some range time so rest assured it'll happen. I can't wait, it's going to be cool.
  21. I had a look at the hop up. Not sure if it's a similar affair with other VFC GBBRS?
  22. yep that's right. It's not going too bad, just minor paint wear. I'll have a look into it I wasn't planning on getting one for it, does that part have to be steel? I mean I know it's an integral part of any gun but is it subjected to forces which would call it be made from nothing else but steel? If yes then I could perhaps have a pop at it. Also here's a photo of the buffer and spring.
  23. Alright this is the state of affairs having fired 60 bbs through this system. And I know I shouldn't read much into this but look what I found stamped into the nozzle... Also I weighed the Hk417 mag and compared it to other mags I have to hand. GHK AKM (gas) 715g GHK G5 610g Hk417 450g WE G36 415g Systema M4 325g
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