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  1. Thanks Yeah sure, I'll see what I can do.
  2. Hi all. Just a quick preview of my new toy, I had this delivered from Sniper-AS While hesitant considering VFC's tales of woe I decided to jump in and pick up the 417 once it was available. 7.62 GBBR.. Say no more ;-) The rifle comes in the typical Umarex box which cradles the rifle very well. In the box you'll find aside from the rifle and magazine, a hop up tool, manual and a bb loader. No thrills there but it's always handy to have another loader. The rifle is nice and solid, the finishing also very nice. There is zero wobble between the upper and lower receiver. It'
  3. Hi all. I saw these new G36 mag pouches on Soldier Systems a while back and I decided to give them a go. Essentially they're very similar to the ITW Fast mags however designed to fit the very chubby G36 magazine. Because the magazine is so wide, fitting one in a double AR 5.56 pouch can be a challenge. Even more so when trying to pull it out while getting shot at. Sometimes it can be difficult just locating pouches specifically designed for the G36. I don't know whether it's down to its popularity (lack of?) or I wasn't really looking hard enough. Resulting in me leaving the 36
  4. ^ thanks guys. I tried to get XM8 Aeg externals to fit over a heavily modified G36 shell but unfortunately it was extremely fragile and didn't shoot correctly. So (after a long break) I simplified and kept the G36 receiver virtually untouched for the XM8 stock/carry handle/compact handguard to fit. I have the standard carbine foregrip still to be fitted.
  5. A recently revived project, XM8 GBBR. Compact variant:
  6. It's a special moment. When you take it out of the box, slowly undressing the plastic bag that it's wrapped in, finally running your fingers on the furniture. Feeling the oil coating your hands. And the smell of it enhances the experience to a level of gun pr0n you'd never known existed. And a body.. A body that could melt a cheese sandwich from across the room. It's the kind of Rifle that would make you want to drop to your knees and thank god you're a man. Mines an AKM too
  7. Hi all Just received a lovely big parcel from Fifth Column, had a pleasant experience with them, very polite on the dog and bone and very quick to answer emails. He did a very good deal for the things I ordered, something not many companies do nowadays. They stock nearly the whole range of WE GBBR's and pistols along with mags, spares etc. Furthermore they offer most of the other normal Airsoft products and also some gear/militaria/deacts.. A good retailer to have in your bookmarks. http://www.fifthcolumnairsoft.co.uk/
  8. Good job man. I'd be tempted by the M16A2. :-)
  9. Very nice :-) Those trades are so lovely arent they?
  10. It really depends on how good you are with electronics. I guess it might be possible but then again I'm quite primitive when it comes to electrical devices. There are points on the unit where one could attempt to open up, screws etc.. But at your own risk mate. And yes the IR functions are poor!
  11. A little threadjacking: micro review. Torch: Its sweet. Not quite the concentrated beam of the Surefire M600 replica i have. But damn, its a lovely small bright blinding light, think of a white dwarf locked in a can. Visible Laser (Red): Alright, nothing military grade. Havent thoroughly tested yet. IR illuminator: Its ok, doesnt throw a lot of IR light down range, which is good i guess. For when only a little is needed. IR laser: Heres where i thought this would be the true party piece of the device. Well it aint. Its slightly more concentrated than the IR illuminator. Definat
  12. I got one too, they're great fun. Although one of my magazines doesn't fill all the way up on propane and takes a couple of hard kicking shots before it dies. Any ideas?
  13. Hmm interesting, project thread is up .. you could try Blazingtoys.com. They stock SRC XR8 parts, including handguards, receivers, the whole lot pretty much.
  14. I haven't made a project thread, might have to now. Yes, you should definitely try making your own, although I was over halfway into the job when I didn't think it was actually possible. I imagined it blowing up on the first shot. Compact you say? I too have thought of doing this. As with the GWS kit came the screw on barrel extension for g36 C so I could in theory try for it. But how?
  15. You can't have it! :-p Here she is on the range(bear in mind its still in progress so it's not 100%)
  16. Yeah, it's on my list of things to do. Got to get it to cycle properly first, as it the magazine needs to be rested firmly into the rifle for there to be a good gas seal. Shouldn't be too tricky to fix. One hopes :-S
  17. The one that came with it was bent, so when screwed on the bb would smash to pieces as it left the barrel The kit is suprisingly solid but the plastic is kind of like the stuff you get from a box of chocolates, i love the XM8 logo ;-) . I used a rail from a G39 and cut out its handguard threads to fit on top of the XM8 receiver.
  18. Received my WE G39E from Hong Kong, no customs fee's/duty, no parcel force fee's. Just straight to my door, was this a lucky fluke?

    1. TheFull9


      Did you ship it using EMS or another courier like TNT?

    2. Bada Bing

      Bada Bing

      Cheers fellas, i might order something else to see if i get the same result. It was sent EMS.

    3. Voodoo1


      used to be only about 1 in 3 parcels actually got checked- thats a bit higher now for far east parcels, but still not all get checked

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  19. Just a couple of pics of my cat Cheetah Diagnosed with the C word this morning at the Vets, so i'm not a happy chap at the moment, going to spend as much time as i can with her. Its always nice to see other peoples felines on here, keep the pictures coming lads.
  20. Theres some real cool kit on this thread, heres my basic lid. MICH 2000 PVS-7 Gen 3 G&P Norotos replica USGI arm I would have gone for real Norotos mount plate etc but i couldnt find a retailer that would ship me one but the G&P is quite solid. Oh and my photographic skills are rubbish at best.
  21. I havent had a chance to try mine out in the field yet, so looking forward to it. Ive been looking to get a norotos 3 hole mount but i cant find any retailer that imports to the UK. I think i will have to invest in the G&P version instead
  22. Thought i'd show off my Koch As you can tell this is a surplus Surefire unit Tony
  23. Ok Private, you know the drill, pull down your pants and clench those cheeks. Or it could be Its alright son, Airborne isnt for everybody.
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