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  1. Nah its got nothing to do with the follower (black nipple thing), all they're saying is that if you load a full 120 mag up with the follower still in the mag, it doesnt feed correctly, if at all. At the rear of the magazine there is a bit of plastic which flips up to cut the circuit when the mag is empty.
  2. hey all, those are some nice Ak's jebus! Heres my ICS 74M, with real Ak ris handguards, tacti-lite, Hurricane Eotech and guarder front grip. I should get rid of it really as i havent used it once. Not sure whether the original mag or the MAG waffle looks better Easy Now...
  3. Thanks. The ones with Burst function are: Systema M4 (note the systema M4A1 is the fully auto version) Systema M16 A2 Systema M16 A3 is also available with burst function from RedWolf and im sure other places too.
  4. My Systema M4A1 MAX/M203 heavyness
  5. Just over £1000 all together, but the accessories were built up over time. Its heavy!
  6. Systema M4A1 PTW Systema M90 Cylinder G&P ACOG 4x32 G&P M203 Jungle Long G&P M203 flip up sight Marui SR-16 back up flip sight (cheap but it works )
  7. Although if you bought a different companies handguards they will be made out of different material than the stock of the WGC A3 also they will be a slightly different colour. The G&P foregrips and stock are made to be none slip surface. If you wanted it all the same colour/texture then get the A3 on its own and purchase the 203 afterwards. Another thing is you have more room in the stock for a larger battery. 9.6v +
  8. Great choice, WGC are excellent with shipping in my experience also. I think they're custom line are getting more and more popular due to the lack of availability recently. I was thinking of getting the A3 myself that they offer but i opted for the A2, however christmas is coming up and i feel i need to treat myself. http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/3291/wgcm16a2la2.jpg Not sure if you can get the handguards seperately?
  9. As far as i know, the older ones then the cylinder head is a bit dodgy and the sector gear has a tendency to bend the tappet plate until it breaks 1000 rounds down the line. The newer versions as im led to believe are fine, there is a thread describing the problems and solving the issues around here somewhere so its worth checking. Which M16 are you looking to get?
  10. I was thinking about putting up a review on them, stay tuned. But heres a mini mini review .... get one they're awesome! Like normal G&P Armalites they need a bit of tinkering to get them on track, but once they're sorted my god there awesome pieces of kit. Tip: install a TN barrel and use .25s and your accuracy would be outstanding.
  11. Just a quick one... From the top: WGC custom G&P M16 A1 WGC custom G&P M16 A2 Systema M4A1 PTW MAX Quality sucks as its from a Nokia N80 Tony
  12. Heres my new WGC Custom G&P M16 A2: Ive added the ever so useful G&P Acog and Genuine M16 cleaning kit, also ive added a TN barrel and boy is it accurate. I think i need some .25 rounds Probably the most realistic airsoft gun apart from the Systema PTW, dig the non slip foregrip and stock.
  13. i dont think so And the moment i come back in the room with the coffee n biscuits, a note will be on the table stating that you have stolen it and fled to mexico. Desert Eagle looks mean, nice Stars Beretta too
  14. Dont you mean Joe Pesci. Or i think Santa Claus has a thing for you
  15. Donnie are you connected? Lord knows an honestly working guy doesnt have that kind of money to go spending it on thousands of pounds worth of airsoft guns and £100,000+ worth of vehicles. Also money stolen is far sweeter than money earned, not that id know anything about that. Is your surname Soprano?
  16. Very well thanks. Could do with downgrading a little bit. I dont quite want to take out aircraft with the thing.
  17. My version of Dutch's M16 from movie Predator minus the canned heat written on the launchers barrel. Its a WGC M16 A1 and i just put the old marui 203 on for pics. I must have a G&P version. She's all new and untouched practically a virgin soon to have her first......kill
  18. I beg to differ Thought id add to this thread seeing as its been a while.
  19. Its a secret Its a laylax M92f silencer adapter. Clamps on there and has a 14mm positive thread. They really do look the sexiest pistols with the silencers i have to agree.
  20. goldeneye was probably the best game ever! The P90 held 80 rounds but they were awesome to use.
  21. Remember this P90 or in this game its known as the RCP90
  22. The only thing i can think of from my experience is when i upgraded a friends Marui M14. When i fitted it all together there are a series of springs which triggers the firing on the left side of the gearbox. The springs were quite weak and must have unhooked while i was putting it together again and started firing on its own . Firstly try and listen to things rattling. If there is rattling then you will have to get it fixed. If you know how to take it apart (do so)then look out for a spring and try to see where abouts it came from without further dismantling it. If your unsure to taking
  23. Just a cheap bodge job till i get the hicap http://img242.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mp7a137pk.jpg are the hicaps constructed of metal?
  24. Thats the biggest G36 in the world!
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