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  1. Nothing too fancy but still:
  2. I was waiting this thread for years Gun rack is still unfinished, need to add slots for guns to hold.
  3. Me (right one standing) and my team after game "King of the Hill 6.2" (09.04.16)
  4. Big game last week (2000+ ppl). Tanks, BMP's, trucks, even small airplanes!
  5. Last day of winter, game called "Alaska-10: Juneau".
  6. Finally finished my gun rack.
  7. Tactiacal kilts FTW! My teammate from one of winter games: And other one: And me:
  8. Small local game last weekend (me on the right).
  9. Brain

    $1K club.

    TOP M249 - Internals - PGC ver.3 Gearbox with CA Hop-up chamber (PGC hop-up was missing). - A&K Railed reciever cover. - A&K Marine stock. - ACM M249 lower RIS. - ACM VLTOR Heavy duty bipod replica (bad quality, looking for replace). - ACM Magpul RVG. - CA M249 PARA Flashider. Missing front sight (replacement is going) and optics (Elcan SoecterDR maybe?) (First two parts are easily over $1k, but i was lucky to get it for $450 ).
  10. All my guns died last game and my friend give me his M249. Now i want one for myself. And from previous game
  11. My "Wanna-be oldschool KSK-FSK kit" Kit-list: Head: - ESS ICE. - Tac-Gear Boonie, modified. - Tasmanian Tiger Watch Cap. - MSA Sordin Superme Pro X. Clothes: - KSK-hose Leo Kohler. - KSK-Smock Leo Kohler, modified. - HAIX BW 2005 combat boots (not shown) - BW issued gloves. 1st line: - Pistol belt. -- Dump pouch, Сlassic Аrmy. -- Double pistol mag pouch, Flyee ind. -- Mora2000 knife. 2nd line: - Tasmanian Tiger Chest rig Mk1, modified -- P8 mag pouch (for speedloader) -- Compas pouch (for duct tape) -- Flaregun holster (modified for fitting TM SOCOM).
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