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  1. 1. When the invisible chopper stops, i want a good clean dispersal! 2. Chinese troops practicing "Supplies" drills (ala UHF)
  2. where are people getting these ventilated top guards? they're freaking awesome! pete
  3. Me in the back garden. i've got most things sorted i just need a rolled up balaclava on my head and a proper AKM bayo not a 74 bayo.
  4. cannot believe you posted that first one...i look awful! lol here's Tactical Knightmare, we're the 5 Ronin members from warrington (the rest are from newcastle way, hence we meet at phoenix) old pic but still good.
  5. you'll be sorry when i finish my AKM *shakes fist* Snorkelman: ah, oops i understand. RPK i could get away with pkm = uber custom work.
  6. so, to make a PKM all you really need is the stock and a long outer and inner barrel is that correct? oh and the bi-pod and fake barrel rod. (basing this of a tm ak for example) pete
  7. actually does anyone know where to get the metal versions of thosecovers in arafats pic? thats what i plan to put on my aks-74 when it arrives.
  8. good gods! we're dooomed! magpulls on AK mags eh?.....why the hell not. where's me duct tape? pete
  9. Currently i'm hitting the Stalker vibe once more.
  10. Indeed that right there is one seriously sexy AK there jebus loving the plum/wood grips mix. but i'd agree with [bS]_Mars and get yourself a black recoil pad. rusmilitary do em pretty cheap m8. pete
  11. LOL at least you know wher eyou have sinned brother hehe Love the SU's tho m8 very nice. pete
  12. sorry m8 but i've got to say this is one seriously Fugly AK. thats blasphemy the likes of which make all dieties weep with anguish... i think i need to lie down. Emfour-tysevens should not be. they are an abomination unto kalashnikov. pete
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