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  1. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/reviewpost/...2/cat/20/page/1
  2. does anyone know if theirs anyway to put a silencer on a g18 AEP without getting a longer inner barrel or that rail thing?
  3. i had it on firefox and IE7, and it didnt start working for about 2 hours
  4. ‭‭ಠ_ಠthe little face makes you type backwards
  5. I'm not having any problems, seems a bit faster if you ask me...
  6. zreaper

    TM Type 89

    hmm somehow i dont think this is going to be a great picture thread...what with their only being one available and only a few external upgrades available...
  7. Yeah is sticks with it on or off. Its worse with it on though as it isnt attached properly and seems to stop the barrel moving up when you fire
  8. It doesn't look quite as bbad as i thought it would, but the slide was getting really sticky
  9. i dunno the top of it looks fairly mirrorish i find silver polish works well for an almost mirror finish
  10. well i can always take a pic of it to prove it looks weird
  11. Did yours jsut start venting gas out the barrel? And did the slide keep jaming like 1/2 of the way back? (those r the main problems). Their are a few other probs with it like the little bit of flexiable rubbery stuff inside the hop up unit has split . I was thinking abut looking for a cheap TM G26 on the forums and then just using the hammer and blowback from that in the KJ body.
  12. Well my KJ glock went a died on me yesterday (its now just venting gas constantly ) so i thought i'd try and make it look a bit better and use it for display...but then i lost the front sight (sorry about my finger being in the pic)
  13. well you could do... but then you would have the rail bit sticking out past the end of the slde which would look a bit weird...
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