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  1. Shiney Now wheres my spare £400...
  2. Also what gloves? It looks superb!
  3. What quad is that? The photo's and place look incredible.
  4. It's a Mk23. I'm more then sure. I hate how the best image is at the saddest part of the film. Actimus.
  5. Don't suppose anyone on here knows where I can get an inokatsu outer barrel and cocking handle? Made a mess of my outer barrel (Guarder, but Ino and Guarder are the same..) and lost my cocking handle :-(. Also had a crazy idea of turning my aks-74 into a saiga shotgun (possibly using tm-spas internals) :-). Cheers.
  6. I'm going to rob your house. Very nice! I really want to get the m16. Maybe I'll get the cash soon. How is the range? (I never get to test my guns or see others for range) I've heard good things about some of the 06/07 versions (or whatever version they are)
  7. Nice, very nice. How'd you do that effect? My KSC frames wearing down a little so might give it a try.
  8. Surely you don't use all of them per game?
  9. Or Urbar drowns it. Where'd you get the LLM01? It looked fudging intense when I saw it at Ta
  10. That set up looks cool! What sling you using?
  11. Quite a few numbers between 300-600, if your crazy..
  12. I look like The Queen too. In the fact I'm human. It's a SPAS 12 too. I'll get some pictures of mine up sometime soon once I find the missing parts (I 'PIMPED' it.) £150? If only I had money for it :-(
  13. actimus

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    Just got it back this morning after having it serviced (Im a bit rubbish with gearboxes and being nice to them) and upgraded to 328fps . I think the final cost is around $1185 which I'm quite shocked at. Ak-74 (sorry for the poor photo, I'm not to good with my camera yet ). I'm abit annoyed because quite a few companys are bringing cheaper models out.. Parts list: G&P Ak-74 steel kit Mauri 1000 motor ICS Ver 3 gear box Service+upgraded Original TM Aks Actimus
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