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  1. fair enough, ive got massive hands so the 19 would be to small. the 17 is only just big enough! i got it through the post this morning!
  2. Am i the only person who thinks the glock 17 is the best out of all of them? It's such a masculine looking gun. why does everyone like the 19? I'm waiting for my ksc glock 17 to arrive through the post, does the plastic slide look bad? i dont think im gonna get a metal slide but if the plastic one is balls then i guess i will.
  3. Hey guys, im gonna get myself the famas f1 as soon as i've sold my soul to the devil for the money Just kidding, its my birthday on thursday and im hoping for enough cash to order one. I LOVE the sniper setups ive seen in this thread and was wondering do u guys just saw off the carry handle? and where do u get the G36 RIS sights from? finally, is there some special way of fixing the G36 rail to the famas? I apologise if there is a blindingly obvious answer to each of these questions but i have searched with no success. Thanks alot, Dan.
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