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  1. If you look at my last photo on page 74, minus the fact that I am in the front of the wedge, I am still by far the most easily visible person on my team. If you use OD gear with ACU I'm sure you will blend in 110% better. but all in all, Woodland is still one of the best (and affordable) camo patterns out there today for airsoft. ACU is just so darn Tacti-Cool though.
  2. Yeah, my ACU is so darn comfy, but I agree, my Woodland and even my MC is way more practical in the woodland environments of Washington State... minus the East side.
  3. My MC H-Harness & MC Battle Belt. Sorry about the black pouches and belt, I used it for today's skirmish and was just to lazy to take them off, plus I don't have any in Tan or MC.
  4. Just posted it in the H&K thread but for those of you who don't check that one out as much I'd thought I should post up my USP Compact that I just got done filling the trademarks in with white. BEFORE: AFTER:
  5. Just got done, still cleaning up around the trademarks a bit, but figured I'd throw up some quick pics:
  6. Here's my CA36C & KWA USP Compact w/ KSC Slide. I'm probably going to paint the trademarks on the USP soon.
  7. [When I Bought It As A 'K] ['07 MG] [NOW]
  8. Video Name : Deathmatch W/ Limbs. OR The VSR Dance Weapon(s)/Objective item(s) : Me (Brian) with a VSR trying to shoot another player with an AEG. Problem is I already got shot in one foot and one hand. Type(s) : VSR-10 G-Spec & CA SL-9 MOD AEG Video Type : .MOV00182.flv Video Size : 2455 kb Video Length : 53 Secs http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b110/BSJ...nt=MOV00182.flv It was kinda all in vain cus if you watch closely you can see the bb rocket off my head...
  9. Now For Sale, If Interested Check It Out: HERE
  10. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ...You wouldn't ever consider selling it would you?
  11. It's the one that comes on the CA8-2. Very solid.
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