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  1. Very intrested in one of these, the stock doesn't worry me very much, have a CA one + battery which is going spare. Though will have to wait untill next year, as I won't be able to skirmish enough untill then to get a membership card.
  2. I was going to use mine today, but it chroned to high at 345, so I might put more bb's through it, or cut a coil of the spring.
  3. Put anouther 1000 or so through mine, only locked up a few times. My CA hi-cap didn't feed very well, but my Tm one (and the army one) worked fine. Will hopefully be skimishing with it this sunday.
  4. Mine arrived in a brown box, though I got it from action hobbies (but I think they got their first batch with airsoft world). But box aside I recon it's pretty much the same gun. Edit: Also on the last page of my manual under were it says about contacting them if theres a fault it says contact G&G, something which I found rather funny.
  5. Will do. Have fired the highcap through it (with hop-off), and it seemed to do so quite well. Am going to see if I can fit a CA m4/m16 hop unit in it.
  6. I got mine through the post the other day, and it's very nice, I am very impressed with it's soid feel, the bolt looks ace when it moves, am charging the battery at the moment, might even be able to use it this sunday.
  7. Can't wait to get mine, airsoftworld says there’s have been delayed as faults are being fixed, so have to wait until mid/late august. I'm not surprised by some of the stories of it so far; think a tight barrel and new hop rubber or unit will be a first purchase for me, but £100, bargain.
  8. It looks really good. I am going to have to order myself one, might wait untill it's on general sale first, so I can read feed back from others as well. Thanks for the great review FarEast. The FPS sounds quite good, as it means no down grading is needed.
  9. Sorry about that, I only noticed after. I still havn't skirmished with it, but I have used it a fair bit. I think I'm getting about 700 shoots from one charge, which should last me a normall sunday easily enough.
  10. *Drools over keyboard and screen* That is one sweet looking pistol. There is so many nice pistols still to be made...so many!
  11. Five-seveN: Looks stunning doesn't it?
  12. CYMA glock 18c AEP (version 2) * The box is simple enough with a polystyrene insert. It contains the pistol, a 30rnd magazine, a 500mAh battery, a speed loader, a cleaning rod, an Alan key, a 220v 2 prong charger, and a complementary packet of BB’s. Open taking the pistol out, I was quite surprised by the weight, it feel quite heavy and nice and solid. The out side of the pistol is completely plastic apart from the selector switch, which is metal. The magazine can hold 30 BB’s and though is very thin it’s a fair weight being as it’s all metal. The top rail comes off easily; by p
  13. It's not the best of ideas, but I think a quick answer system/board would be good. That way people could ask simple yes/no questions. Maybe if they were locked, and you pm the person the answer, then when they get it, they delete the topic. It would be useful for answering people new to the sport or to a type of gun some basic questions, like "can my gun take this mag", or "will this sight/rail fit on". I suppose that’s what the newbie forum is for, is just sometimes a thread gets lots of responses for a simple yes/no answer.
  14. Looks very nice actually.
  15. yes... well it started off because I wanted to see how simlaur they both are, so it's a ump, with a g36 mag/stock/flashhider +top rail, maybe I should have left the ump stock on, would have looked more differnt. Ok Ok hows this, I call it the G-UM4p-36 (parts of a mp5, g3, g36, ump, m16)
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