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  1. Failed to get £50 xbox 360 :(

  2. Did a great trade with him, great value and good comms throughout. Much appreciated.

  3. I got negative rep for this. It would be a lot of work to police the system but do I now have to worry that people might consider me a dodgy poster with a negative reputation... because I don't want to ship abroad?
  4. Just got the real deal Battle Hoodie that the "EB 3 Third TACTICAL SOFT SHELL Sand" is mostly based off, the difference is massive. Extremely comfortable, everything is top quality and very warm. It's definitely deserving of the three times price difference, it blows the EB one out the door, down the street and into last week. Having said that, it's still an expensive piece of kit.
  5. Well I got the EB 3 Third TACTICAL SOFT SHELL Sand. It's not meant to be a direct copy of the TAD one, it's got drawstrings on the hood for a start but it's pretty similar. Compared to my real TAD V2 Softshell, the material is untextured and smooth (Making me wonder if it is shark skin), it's also a thinner material as well as no liner making the whole jacket much lighter. Whatever material it's made out of it's texture wise nothing like the real sharkskin, it feels like a regular waterproof. At $80 shipped it's ok compared to the $250 for the real thing but I would say it was only a
  6. They have a new one: http://ebaybanned.com/product_info.php?pro...154a6c8f17bede7 Not clear how much of a TAD replica this is. I ordered one although the site failed to remember it so I tried emailing them, hope it's all sorted.
  7. I have the Hurricane 550, very good quality but quite expensive for a sight with no zoom! Would be great $50 cheaper.
  8. Well I wouldn't have bought them if it wasn't for the compatability chart saying they fit easily. I've sanded one mag quite a lot and it's still not perfect.
  9. It's a really tight fit in my VFC 416, they do go in and out but it's very sudden!
  10. They do include a PMAG with the KA Troy. Perhaps King Arms is the partner who makes all the Magpul airsoft PMAGs? I just hope it's not a situation where they have multiple companies making official ones and the quality varies depending on who made them.
  11. Crappy camera phone picture, not much to see. It's got Magpul and the logo printed on it. Compared to the high resolution pics on Orca's website it looks identical, it's got that little circle on the top right as well as the rectangle notch in the top of the window and those indents into the side of the base plate. I can't find anyone selling King Arms PMAGs.
  12. Ok that sounds reasonable but it was confusing because I thought they were meant to be packaged like this.
  13. Are these made by King Arms for Magpul? I ordered a three pack from Airsoft Armoury which says Magpull all over the description and the ones they sent are in King Arms packaging. Looks like they aren't as I can find pictures of them in foil packaging.
  14. Has anyone seen/done anything interesting with a P90 that isn't a solid colour paintjob? After some inspiration...
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