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  1. Aye, had the same experience the one and only time I used them (and I won't be again) - they took the order and payment promptly, mailed me a day or two later to say the item wouldn't be in stock for a few weeks, very begrudgingly refunded my money...
  2. Beat me to posting the fire selector mod there heroshark - I finally got a chance to combat test my CQ-Beastie with it's fire selector last weekend, worked a dream... Btw, is that gun metallic green or are my eyes on the wonk? RE: slings, I tend to switch hands a lot in CQB type environments so I've stopped using a sling on my CQB gun as they just tend to get in the way while hanging loose (though I must get a single point one to stow the gun out of the way when it's not needed). SA80 type sling is a godsend for playing outdoors where I don't need to switch hands as often...
  3. Oooh now that's news to me... same price as a real deal one, but with added flash hider... roll on payday!
  4. Oh aye, I know well, but you know how it is! If I had a barrel lug I could fit my rubber M7 on there - one of these days I'll get around to getting one!
  5. M7 and M9 bayonets should fit it, but there is one specific to AUG too... PJ's AUGs have 'em for $185 - if I could lay hands on a real one I could make a rubber replica, but I'm not shelling out that much for one... I did see a pic of one in use recently enough , but naturally now that I need to find it I can't!
  6. Looking good there Hedge... Still looking for the proper AUG bayonet (admittedly not very hard though! )...
  7. Finally got a change to make a run of A2 handles... look out for a sale thread in my sig soon!
  8. Hmmm.. I've been ordering from these guys for years... always got my stuff on time and the one and only time I had cause to ring them about an item (wrong size boots) they sorted me out right away... TBH mate, if they're not sorting you with this (ridiculous to take payment for an item listed as "in stock" and then try to get you to wait) I'd get on to the CC company and file a claim...
  9. http://world.guns.ru/smg/smg57-e.htm
  10. Till I get off my *albartroth* and finish one at any rate!! Fantastic work Doc, that looks the mutts nutts! What are the arrangements for the mag catch for the 9mm mag? Can we get some details pics of the adapter itself? Am rather jealous Hedge!
  11. Steyr release official STANAG AUG receiver group... http://www.steyrarms.com/store/index.php/aug-stock-sa-black-2.html
  12. the second one is a simple enough machining job, I'd imagine the first would be too, bit more pics would be needed... Unfortunately I'm flat out at work atm, so recreational use of the CNC milll is a nono... I'm sure Doc could sort you out nicely though...
  13. Nope - this is what I'm on about... http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...ies_14mm_CW.htm
  14. I just chopped the outer barrel off flush. You can get what's called an "AUG silencer adapter" (misleading I know) which is just the back end of the outer barrel with a threaded end for a flash hider and no actual barrel...
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