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  1. Thats awsome man, best advice use it as much as you can its meant to be bruised and bloodied
  2. My Toys SPR MK12 MOD 0 PTW Challenge M4 Kick'n it old school TM M16 VN and TM Xm177 both with G&P metal bodies
  3. Marushin M1 Carbine TM XM 177e2 (with Guarder Metal Body and Flash Hider )
  4. Crye Battle Pants Will Be Mine !!!! (laughs maniacally) Nice Loadout fellas !!!
  5. I appreciate that correction man, thanks -A good place to start MC loadout if SKD is out of stock is crye precision main store, I was about to buy the skd "Charlie" field shirt but it was not available, checked back with CP and they had all the shirts from the battle version and both field versions, its a bit more tho. tactical tailor is also good beside skd if you are looking for pouches It all depends on how much you wanna spend
  6. Not bad actually, It was a warm day today where we played the battle shirt was perfect because of the material, It was a little tough getting used to the devgru because of the radio traffic and on the weesatch I improvised on the soft armor by using roll-out-mattress material. I was the last hold out for MC but my friends finally convinced me, Peer pressure Sucks But overall the MC loadout is not bad at all
  7. This is my first attempt to do a MultiCam Loadout Kit List BoomArms MICH 2002 replica w/NVG mount and straps Oakley SI Goggles WileyX shooting glasses Devgru Frogman Headset Crye Precision Battleshirt with elbow inserts HSGI MC Weesatch Tactical Tailor MC pouches (frag/smoke grenades, Utility Pouch) Eagle MC ammo pouch SKD MC field pants with 511 knee inserts HSGI MC drop leg holster Tactical Tailor MC drop leg dump pouch Oakley SI gloves Oakley SI Assault boots (desert) Systema M4 PTW
  8. Time to join the the MC Bandwagon, just arrived Everything is either from Crye Precision or made of Crye Material Crye Precision Field Shirt R6 Crye Precision Battle Shirt with combat elbow pads SKD Field pants HSGI Weesatch Tactical Tailor frag, smoke, accessory pouches Eagle Foldable Ammo pouch Devgru Frogman Headset Tactical Tailor thigh rig dump pouch Crye precision Shooter's Cap (no logo) BoomArms MICH 2001 replica w/NVG mount, retainer, Oakley A Frame goggles
  9. Updated ACU Loadout (US Infantry Impression) Interceptor Vest and FLC Combination....Next Project GRAW loadout
  10. US Infantry (ACU Loadout) Kit List MICH Helmet (Replica) ACU Cover, NVG mount, ESS goggles/cover, foliage green retention straps Interceptor Vest (Army Issue) Tactical Tailor M4 Pouches, Accesory Pouch, Hydration Carrier, radio pouch, knife pouch, Maxpedition dump pouch Wilex X PSG-1 Systema PTW M4 Oakley Assault Boots ACU type BDU (Army Issue) On the way Comm equipment (Motorola Speaker Mic, Devgru Frogman Field Headset)
  11. Thanks Walter BTW, if any of you want to build one contact airsoftgi, they have done a great job and they have a lot of accessories available
  12. I think there is already a review somewhere in the site I am by no means an expert on this IMHO, I like this toy.The sound, feel, and performance is nothing like any aeg i ever owned, (tried them all pretty much) my only complaint is its hard to load the mags while playing in the field, can't use a speed loader like other aeg's. There are some issues about the groupings because its not a tightbore inner barrel, I have not seen this as an issue so far It is an expensive AEG (sold 4 AEG packages to buy this baby), Not to mention the magazines which is about 40$ each, Cylinder Uni
  13. Thanks brada, i'm in the process of getting the tango down rail covers (foliage green)
  14. Systema PTW Challenge M4A1 Real steel stuff LaRue Tactical 7in rail Eotech 512 Tango Down Sling mount Tango Down Vertical Foregrip (not in pic) Still in process of acquiring... PRI flip sight M900 Surefire
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