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  1. Parts list on both please? External at least.
  2. I hope you jabbed the bayonet in there and then attached the gun to it. That couldnt be good for the inner and outer barrel
  3. Lovin the hippie sling, and the gun as well!
  4. That gun looks very well done, I love classic 16's. But may I ask why you replaced the CA metal body?
  5. Ugh I'm sick of looking at these gorgeous wood furnished 74's and AKM's. Can anyone link me to a cheap, good looking and fitting wood set for my ICS AK74?
  6. No, they are similar but not the same. I tried with my ICS AK74 and my CM028s.
  7. Nearly equal. Save for a few lower quality parts such as the barrel and hopup. Honestly, I own a CM028s and I have held the TM version and they feel identical in build quality, and at the range seemed to shoot the same except I would go out on a limb and say the Cyma has more fps. It also looks better (better plastic wood).
  8. Mike West, you are a true man. You obviously arent concerned about camo, and its *fruitcage*in pink. plus one comin your way
  9. *fruitcage* beautiful seriously
  10. No way, the 74 and 47 are quite different. The 74 has a different receiver, which is milled. The handgrip is different, and they have different wood grips.
  11. Very artistic like, minus the bed sheet Why the covered trades?
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