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  1. Well I dunno, been off Arnies and the airsoft scene in general for almost a year thought i'd come back on here (re)introduce myself only to be accused of being some random in disguise (kidscotland?) and then have the thread locked. Bloody charming Update: Ok after speaking to a member on here turns out this KS was a bit special and had a thing for dramatic 'i'm back' returns, after seeing his posts I was linked to I find it rather embarrassing to be put in the same boat as that chump. I believe there is a slight difference between his self importance i'm back nonesense and me saying
  2. My attachment limit is 3.95mbs :S Seems random that you have less, I guess being a mod doesn't have attachment perks
  3. 40rps club. I think there's only about 4 members in the UK, but hey. Good to see someone on the high ROF ball.

  4. If its that hard to get to its not really that easy to fix is it....
  5. I fitted a systema hop up which is exactly the same as the G&P one from my SPR, was a tight fit but fitted nonetheless.
  6. Surely it would be easier to compare with other makes of piston first?
  7. Ah another one guilty of not reading all the tread It took me a couple of mins to find but I knew i'd seen it on here somewhere!
  8. Have you actually read any posts? You can fit a replacement 18 tooth piston which will no doubt fail again or make the necessary changes to fit a regular 16 tooth piston. If you want to know how read this thread I only mentioned it about 8 posts ago.
  9. I totally agree but my statement was based on the assumption people were using the freebie 8.4V battery and besides don't they already fire at 1 joule? I know mine does.
  10. If I can manage to get a replacement new type then I have no problem with donating mine. It's funny how some people put several thousand rounds through an R85 without a hitch yet some people have one break so quickly. Although I guess it's a case of when it happens not if. As someone has suggested it would be an ideal time to fit a regular piston with the spacer, note it isn't completely necessary to fit a standard marui sector gear it just depends of you want to retain the pre-cocking mechanism.
  11. Yep my cocking handle is the same as yours Subb0 so I might email Keith as well see if he can sort me out with a replacement new type.
  12. I received mine at the back end of last week and it appears to be the old type, cocking handle attached to blowback plate with some adhesive? I haven't had any problems though so can't grumble and i'm sure if I did Keith could source me a new replacement On a side note for some reason semi is fine with blowback engaged but when the cocking handle is held to the rear it takes two trigger pulls to fire. First pull brings back the piston second pull fires off two shots! odd?
  13. Does that cover piston replacements? Judging by the trouble some people are having that could be expensive for them!
  14. I wasn't planning on going home this weekend but since my R85 has just turned up I think I might have to! and no customs charges for a change either bonus. Great link neo and to think I paid a small fortune for my 12V battery from the states to
  15. Hi guys hope you don't mind me asking this here but seeing as its the glock thread thought this is probably the best place to get an opinion. Anyway to my question, I'm looking to get a metal slide and outer barrel for my KSC 18c and was searching to see if there was anything else available other than the standard black one. I have been browsing den trinity and saw this slide. fifth from the top (obviously named glock 18c slide). Anyway it looks like a bronze colour in the picture, does anyone know if this is just down to bad lighting or is it actually like this? I only ask as
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