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  1. No problem for me. But i m thinking about a smaller flashlight.
  2. Yes the Lower and the Upper ;-) Yes Pmag is converted by myself.
  3. WE/SocomGear N4 10" Barrel DD RAS II CQD Sling Adaptor Madbull Flashhider + Silencer Magpul MIAD Magpu PTS BAD Magpul Triggerguard Magpul CTR Magpul ASAP Magpul M2 Sling Magpul PMAG AimPoint M2 Vanaras PEQ 15 Things to do: Light System Backup Sights
  4. Top one ICS Based Cranestock Aimpoint M2 replica on wilcox mount Empty PEQ 2 Box QD suppressor Middle (mine :-D ) Systema PTW Based Cranestock Aimpoint Comp M2 on Aimpoint Mount Empty PEQ 2 Box KAC RIS KAC Grip VTAC Sling Last one ICS Based Cranestock Aimpoint M2 replica on wilcox mount Freefloat RIS (don`t know manufacture)
  5. Systema PTW M4 2007 Lower SAA SOCOM 2 Upper (DD RASII Repl. , CQBR Hybrint Barrel , Costum Upper) SPR Flash Hider CQD Sling Adapter + VTAC Padded Sling Knight Arms Vert. Frontgrip Surefire G2 LED with G&G Mount PEQ15 Front-/Rear Flip Up Sight HurricanE EO552 VTAC Padded Sling Things to do: Troy Flip Ups EOTech 552 Short Vert. Frontgrip
  6. I am wearing a PACA to my MC Outfit. Check some pages before.
  7. You shouldnt say Multicam and cheap in one sentence ;-) Cant say anything about the Condor PCs or the HSS one, but the Condor Pouches i have are okay.
  8. Fallen Guard, you where the guy with the Multishame FSBE and the Camera on Helmet? Who stands the half day at his car? :-)
  9. You re right, my brain its getting old... its G&P.
  10. Systema PTW Gen 3 with CQBR Barrel
  11. My KWA Glock 17 Painted Frame Guarder Slide Guarder Outerbarrel Guarder Metalmagcatch Proud Night (Not) Glow Sights PP Laynard Plugin KingArms Display Stand
  12. OMG those colors looking really bad... And der Style looks like 6col Desert
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