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  1. Yeah I'm keeping a close eye on the situation, atm it seems like summer '21 should happen but who knows how things will progress from here. Either way I'll be going to *the next* berget, whenever that may be!
  2. Thing is, it's a PTW - that thing set me back €1,000 and no offence but I wouldn't really trust some random guy who I've never met to import it for me. I mean, once I've played a few skirmishes and got to know some of the guys it might be an option but by that point I might as well get my own UKARA membership. Also I'd kind of prefer to leave that one in Sweden anyway, Berget is a special game, it deserves a special rifle
  3. Just logged on after 14-ish years outside of the UK Airsoft scene, but I did play a couple of games in Sweden in the mean time (I'm sure there are folks here who have been to or at least heard of Berget). Hoping to get back into things once the all-clear from COVID-19 sounds, so I've already started gearing up (will have to rent a rifle to begin with though, since mine is in Sweden and importing it would be a bit risky). Crazy how many people are coming back around the same time. Looking forward to seeing some of you in the field! 😁
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