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  1. Victory shot. We weren't an official team at that point, but we we're all on the same team now. We had the idea to start the team that day, I joined it a little later. Anyway, I'm the *fruitcage*stick with the shotgun. My AEG broke, and thats what I had left. I ditched my 2nd line mecause it was meant for said AEG, leaving me with that minimalist setup.
  2. Er, guys? http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=146618
  3. Pretty cool bruin, except, you should try sticking with one kind of rail cover.
  4. If you that comic, I'd read it.
  5. Hmm. I never really tried it. Since day one, they sorta hugged my ankles, so I always tucked them in. Glad you like the patch! (I'm willing to design them for other teams.)
  6. My Multicam Stuff: First is my light loadout. I didn't realize my cap was so skewed. Looks Goofy. Kitlist: -Range Vest (Various Patches, Open Top Shingles) -Gen 1 Combat Pants and Shirt -BLS Belt (Canteen pouch, mag pouches, dump pouch, hip holster, pistol mag pouches radio pouch, spare battery pouch.) -Gunfgihter Cap, (American Flag patch, "B Neg" tape.) -DEVGRU Headset -5.11 HRT Boots -Timberland Watch (Not seen under sleeve.) -Mechanix M2 gloves. -Oakley Shooting Glasses -Also seen is my "EOD Module" which is the DLP with a GP pouch holding an assortmen
  7. Aye. It only stays in place about half the time.
  8. The STAR SCAR-h mid might be compatible. No guarantee, though.
  9. Ooh. Thats nice. So, it ties on? How sturdy does it feel?
  10. Okay. so, VFC SCAR owners, two questions: A. What is a decent 3 point sling that will work with the SCAR, and comes in tan cloth? B. What aftermarket grips will work? Anything besides Magpul pistol grips? (Do Magpul airsoft pistol grips work out of the box?) I know my G&P Tango Down Battlegrip didn;t work.
  11. Angel, where did you get the MC deltoid protectors from? I've been trying to find a set for ages.
  12. How's the webbing on those Condor pouches? Something about them being made of the same material as the pouch always bothered me for some reason.
  13. That is the most beautiful M4 on the planet...
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