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  1. I honestly cannot remember as the Marui slide did not stay on long and was fitted some time back. Both the Nova and Detonator slides are a good fit, if I was being ultra picky then I would say the Detonator has less movement.
  2. With regards to the options. I have Detonator and Nova. Both are very well made as per the TM USP thread which was made a while ago on here. Original thread Regarding your specific questions via PM, here are the pictures that you requested of the backs of the slides. Twin dot rear is Detonator, single dot rear is Nova. Edit - this thread may get more viewings in Technical/Just handguns if you can move it
  3. Love that Jeff Cooper 1911. That is only the second one I have seen! Unless you bought yours from Doug/Novioman, in which case it is the same one 😄
  4. I got mine from Boomarms in HK about 2 years ago.
  5. I typed that really early this morning and it is a touch lacking in detail, please allow me to elaborate: I am pretty sure that the 17L kit was set up with the G34 as a donor (102mm inner barrel with a reduced diameter at the end). Boomarms currently just say G17 series. If you want to take advantage of the 17L length outer barrel and put a longer length inner in then you need more clearance otherwise it will bind slightly part way along the inner preventing the outer from dropping properly. From the chamber end if you want to fit a longer inner, then for my example which is around
  6. Yes, I bought one. Very nicely made but the outer barrel needs to be opened up inside very slightly if you want to fit a longer inner barrel. 10mm diameter and 10mm more depth will do it I also put in a Guns Modify lightweight blowback chamber to bring the moving mass weight back down a touch.
  7. I will be honest, it has been a long time since I owned the TM version. The Creation kit had an absolutely fantastic finish and it was CNC which explained the price. The externals of that kit were better finished than WE (not that I class the WE as bad). As RC says above, the extra travel definitely makes a difference and despite the odd example of broken ones turning up, I chose this over TM. I had considered the Robin Hood Tactical DE kit for TM but chose WE instead. When I spoke to KY about the silver version and asked which they offered, (on the Armorer Works website they still showed
  8. No, they have been fine so far using RWA green gas. I did try Guarder Black gas initially but the FPS was a touch high.
  9. Desert Eagle. I think the release of their Desert Eagle re-peaked my interest in WE. Before this I had also owned TM Desert Eagles with Creation and Guarder kits. The full length travel of the WE version pushed me into purchasing. Out of the box it is not a bad performer but I knew it could be better. Internals: Aside from a strip and lube with minor tweaks, I replaced the HOP rubber with TM and the inner barrel with a 6.02mm tightbore. This has given me more range than the standard set up. I also cut the recoil springs down to make it less sluggish and improve efficiency (I am usin
  10. Hey, no worries. The WA imports I was talking about were personal ones, admittedly given the quantity and frequency you could be forgiven for thinking I was a business 😹 Any other WA questions, just shout.
  11. Hi, no problem and happy to help. I am absolutely positive about the material. Also it says that the slide and frame are made from HW resin in the description. Why do you think it is all metal? Western Arms currently have a MKIV Series 70 they called real steel finish in their line up and that is resin! WA guns costs shot up in the last few years and the last ones I imported were around the $500 mark. Definitely resin slides and frames as they were promptly swapped out I think that you are getting muddled between two brands. WA is Western Arms and WE is Wei Tech. Wei Tech
  12. Very nice to see interest in Western Arms. WA do some very nice finishes but this beauty is not all metal. The slide and frame are plastic/resin. I have bought many Western Arms but currently have no idea where to get them new other than Yahoo Auctions via a proxy bidding service or friendly shops in Japan like the one you listed. You could try Impulse101. Best of luck 👍🏻
  13. Great investigation work and thank you for taking the time to write it up. Many years ago I took the HOP unit and complete Blowback unit from an early KJ P14 Para Ordnance (the TM/WA Hybrid type) and put them in a friends WA Magna Para Ord. It needed this whole set up to work in that the KJ nozzle needed to mate with the KJ HOP chamber. It certainly gave more range than the standard Magna HOP set up but power was down a little due I guess to the different floating valve arrangement. I did repeat it once again but it was so long ago I cannot remember any specific mods, probably as t
  14. SIG P226 two tone PGC/Pro Win metal kit, slide refinished. Shooters Design stainless take down lever Guarder chrome slide release and slide catch, blasted satin to match take down lever. Real SIG early grips. Guarder steel guide rod. Guarder nozzle and valve blocker. Nine ball 6.03mm barrel RCC hammer and recoil springs.
  15. Beretta 92FS Inox with walnut grips Nova Beretta 92FS Inox kit Marui M9A1 donor Beretta walnut grips. 4 Nova kits, from left to right: 92FS Inox with Walnut grips 92FS with US markings 92FS Inox with Farrar rubber grips M9 with refinished Resident Evil grips
  16. Harrington & Richardson T223 (early HK33) as used by SEALs on a limited basis in Vietnam. Classic Army CA33 base gun.
  17. Ah, most interesting. I had my eye on a similar two tone kit under the PGC banner on RW simply for the slide (as it was for the pre E2 guns). Having just checked, the kit I was watching is now sold out and this Pro-Win branded (same folks of course) new kit is in, and as you say a weird combo Elite slide and no beavertail? I suppose anything is possible in a custom gun Curious that it is built for the pre E2 series 226R when I was under the impression they were currently just doing kits for the E2 types. Mind you it shouldn't take *too* much effort to adjust it/part swap to suit.
  18. I see where you are going..... In theory it can be done, but alas the gun currently resides with a friend who is buying it. I guess he was a bigger Resident Evil fan after all Which puts me back where I started for a two tone SIG!
  19. Thank you chaps One more..... "SIG Sauer P226 Sentinel Nine" Tokyo Marui Sentinel Nine (developed in conjunction with Capcom for the Biohazard/Resident Evil series of games). Sadly it never made it into Resident Evil 6, perhaps they will add it as DLC http://www.tokyo-marui.co.jp/bio/special/sentinelnine/ Tokyo Marui base gun Shooters Design metal kit Guarder Nozzle and valve blocker. Nine Ball XDM 6.03mm inner barrel. 'Stand off' flash hider not fitted and standard magazine in lieu of the extended one. Having built it, I felt the slide was a touch too matt, so I
  20. "SIG Sauer P226 'upgraded' with Short Reset Trigger and E2 grips" Tokyo Marui base gun Pro-Win 226 metal kit for E2 series Guarder Nozzle and valve blocker. Nine Ball 6.03mm inner barrel. I did play around with the Marui 226R a while back and just couldn't get on with the longish trigger reset especially after using tuned 1911 triggers for so long. The newer E2 has shaved the reset from 9mm or so of the 226R down to 5mm on the E2. That combined with the slimmer trigger and smaller grip of the E2 makes the operation much easier for those of us with 'girls' hands However, aft
  21. You know me and the sound of my own voice It's a WA SCW1 based Para Ord with PGC metal frame (very rare) along with Prime Para PXT metal slide. Very nice too if I do say so myself. Glad to see it's in good hands
  22. Thanks for the comments chaps, I've so wanted one for ages just a shame it took so long to get it done. To answer some of the questions, the AR-18 was a broken JAC external gas one that I modified and shoe horned a V2 AEG box into, took longer than the laser The laser is a replica that was made up at an enginering firm, it has a real modern laser inside with buckets of room to spare! I started to do the 3 piece threaded laser outer myself but thankfully the owner took my drawing from me after watching my painfully slow efforts and created what you see. The grip mount is the same a
  23. ".45 Longslide with laser sighting" Western Arms SCW2/3 AMT Longslide Prime metal kit Western Arms aftermarket metal chamber Lightweight blowback chamber Lightweight recoil spring plug Usual fiddle inside Scope mount cosmetics as per the original 650nm/5MW laser Currently working on discreet switching and some other minor details....... AR-18 AEG for decoration
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