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  1. Before you say anything, I realize the pic is trash. But it gets the point across.
  2. is that a porsche metal body?
  3. I got a benjamin on WGC custom
  4. So do you just get bored with a paintjob? Or do you paint it every week for a reason, like different terrain? Either way 9/10 of your paintjobs are straight baller, so keep it up.
  5. This is true, but for realisms sake you should probably not have the PEQ blocking the ejection port
  6. unless you paid more for this ultra rare tanaka uspc, does it really matter
  7. my WGC custom required zero mechbox work, and hasnt needed any since. knock on wood
  8. I figured but i was hoping for a moutn that wasnt like 200$
  9. Maj. Pain what aimpoint mount is that?
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