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    Airsoft, computer, Hoi Jeon Moo Sool (korean martial art)
  1. A good idea indeed, hmm...dont know about the paypal thingy, though i realize holding a site so big as AA eats some money, and most of all time. I dont have a paypal account at the moment , thats one problem :| But the idea is great, i would enter if possible Oh and greebo, try to get the light from something like two lightsources, and dont point them straight at the gun. That should work
  2. Vincent


    Dang thats beutiful I dont like the normak 47, or the S. But all the other versions look good
  3. Vincent


    airsoft related
  4. Spedz_fx You do sound a bit hyperactive in that last post.
  5. So, have any of you had the same problem than I. The AA Chat isnt working, ive tried both the mirc and the java applet. It has been down for almost a week now. Just wanted to inform and ask is it just me?
  6. This is my backup gun, my little precious. I will upload a picture of my m4 later KSC M9 Heavyweight
  7. *is speechless* So many different things and so many upgrades to them. Nice collection m8!
  8. Just wondering, whats the FPS on a gun like that?
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