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  1. jack10

    Videos Thread !

    nice video looks like a hard place to attack, not to mention the m40a3 that was pretty cool:D
  2. jack10

    jack10's album

    random stuff including FR pics
  3. jack10

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    ok thanks ferretkiller nice guns by the way everyone!
  4. jack10

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    where did you get that silencer from?
  5. jack10

    Videos Thread !

    they should just let you in free that would solve alot of problems and they would have a kick *albatross* video for marketing or something.
  6. jack10

    Videos Thread !

    the bushman what rifle do you use?
  7. jack10

    Videos Thread !

    now that is pretty cool!can't wait for some more videos
  8. jack10

    Videos Thread !

    sorry i did not look at the vid and was refering to a different one
  9. jack10

    Videos Thread !

    that was a pretty good shot for 130ft or is that not very far(i only use metres lol)

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