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  1. The WE M4 hammer should work. AirsoftBuddy sells reinforced hammers as well as entire replacement trigger units although I don't know if they are in stock.
  2. Lovin the danger sticker. Edit- Tritium?
  3. Daytonagun Custom AK74...Well it used to be mine And Kokusai/Sun Project AS4L custom Car-15... also no longer mine
  4. That's right he has helped us out while improving his business. It's a win win for all involved as far as I'm concerned. I can see your point though, blind praise should never be appointed to anyone but I'd say this man has earned it.
  5. ^ Duh? He's not helping people out and responding to their questions so that he DOESN'T sell more guns.
  6. Good buyer to deal with. Would sell to again. Thanks

  7. Laurent, how is Wa Shan shotgun?
  8. The recoil is awesome. Loudest airsoft gun I've ever heard. It clearly echoes by where I live which is pretty darn loud. Turn around took about 5 months because china's customs took part of the gun (that china stuff with the olympics was not a myth) and didn't give it back. I have to send it back now because something broke during shipping that doesn't effect the shooting at all but Daytonagun is offering to replace the entire kit with a better built one so I'm taking him up on that offer.
  9. I think a lot of people believe the advantage of CO2 over propane is power. While it is possible to have greater power the real advantages are during cold weather play. Because of the higher pressure CO2 has a lot more room to drop in PSI before your gun will begin to feel the effects. For example any gun using a conventional liquid, unregulated gas like duster or propane feels the effects of temperature on every shot because the psi is always changing. If you have a CO2 mag and the internal regulator is set at say 110psi the pressure of the gas entering the gun won't change until the pr
  10. Alright, to clear up the misconception i think most of the posters in this thread have regarding co2, it does not necessarily mean that it will increase the fps. If mags come out that use the co2 capsules then the fps is entirely dependent on how the internal regulator inside the mag is set. Meaning that the FPS could very possibly be even lower than with propane if the manufacturer decided that. CO2 compresses into a liquid at 800-900psi which means no airsoft gun except a custom made few (Piper's Miniguns, strafers etc) could possibly run off unregulated co2. This is also another reaso
  11. Is that a hogue forgrip? Very nice gun!
  12. Those nightsiters are alright. They glow nice and bright for around 10 minutes then it fades a lot. Still visible at night but not as cool.
  13. Lerch I really like that 20rnd mag in there. Looks great.
  14. 870 stocks or pistol grips won't fit the M500.
  15. In my opinion eotechs and acogs are just the becoming one of the latest most popular fashions in the airsoft world. I love the Aimpoint Comp2 look. I'm considering buying a comp4 replica for my crimebuster build.
  16. Wow, I'm lovin that JP rifle! Nice job.
  17. Mine has a carbon fiber pattern on it. It came that way. The other glock was painted with what looks like a netting laid over it.
  18. What real steel parts are you planning on getting for it? I need some ideas for my G26.
  19. If the lower was tan and the upper black that would look awesome.
  20. His BDUs are largely tan judging from his avatar.
  21. That has to be one of the best shotguns yet! Shooting the slug shots with that?
  22. That's a WA. Great looking guns guys.
  23. The speedplates will slide on but are so loose that they just fall off after touching them. Looks like the mags are just a tiny bit too skinny and the slots for the base are also slightly out of spec. I was actually thinking about buying a Fobus holster. If I were to get one for my G26 would I have to get a .45 version?
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