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    Well there's airsofting, and then I guess my girlfriend... <br /><br />Currently studying A levels so I don't have the time to be interested in anything else... Apart from all the hot emo chicks at college :D
  1. Thankyou R22 for clearing my name! Cheers for getting me back on so quickly guys!
  2. Vindicare

    Random Airsofting

    Combat pics
  3. All these were taken at Gunman Airsoft, my normal playing ground. That's me on the right, looking unhappy... Again me on the right, running into combat. On the left this time. I got shot so badly after this pic was taken
  4. Here's a load of pics of my local site: http://www.gunmanairsoft.co.uk/gallery/galleryframeset.htm You can see that it's mainly green with areas of light brown...
  5. What kinda colours would I need for mainly green and brown decidious areas. Like majority of places in Britain? More OD than usual or just how you've done it in the review? Great painting btw!
  6. However, look how well it did otherwise: A Google search for "ArniesAirsoft" finds this website as #1 This website is extremely well linked to (2,550 websites link here) This website is extremely popular (approx #70,802 in the world) Design makes proper use of modern technology (no table-based layout) Marketing= 9.3 Design= 7.5 Accessibillity= 5.8 (WTH? It's easy to access...) Experience= 8.6 Overall= 7.6 Brought down by a dodgy accessibillity test methinks...
  7. Cheers Arnie! I didnt know that was what you had to do, i can see it now, ta very much!
  8. I tried to upload a new avatar today. The file size is 31KB and the pixel resizer thing is on. So surely it should resize it if it's too large pixel wise (90x90)? It keeps uploading my old avatar even when I remove it. It doesn't put on the new one! Please help.
  9. Random question but how would one go about sorting the fire selector? The FAMAS fire selector is in a completely different to how the L85 fire slector is palced, so any ideas?
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