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  1. If it's just gear picture that you're looking for, here's my old set of pics:
  2. No problem, anyone care for a CIRAS reassembly guide? I took all of the pictures, made the illustrations, and placed them all in a file while I owned my CIRAS, but never bothered to piece the article together.
  3. I would go Medium. It should fit you perfectly fine, as I'm 5'9" and 165 chubby build, and I had to cinch it down a little bit. Another thing is, you can always resell it, since it's completely re-sizable and fits most. Medium should fit you perfectly though.
  4. Yes, probably for trademark purposes, it is called the Land Recon at aAirSoftSmith.
  5. It is a reliable gun, though I cannot really say if it is realistic, at least in terms of performance. I can say that it feels great and solid. It also shoots great and gets good range. What I did find strange about the gun however, was that the selector switch has 3 positions, semi, semi, and safe. I have no clue as to why the second semi notch is there, but it's there. The gun also lacks a functional decocking feature, which was kind of a let down for me. Otherwise, it's a great gun, and due to the perfect fitment of the gun in my Safariland holster, I suspect that it is either exactly the s
  6. Posted a youtube video of me shooting it finally. Apologies, was in Nam for half the summer, and had otherwise terrible weather. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EN1rF-LDfI
  7. You can also just call jag precision and ask for them to send one to your local shop, or ask your local shop to order one for you. Japrecision told me that they have ALL replacement parts now.
  8. Alright, so there may be a few of you guys who have broken your thread adapters, or for some other reason, wanted a replacement, well...JAGPrecision now offers a replacement. I believe that the OEM replacement is free (don't quote me on this) and they offer a second option, which is a steel part for a bit more money. I sprung for the steel option: (The one on the left is the stock one, the one on the right is the newer steel replacement) When the OEM one was placed against the magnetic motor, it just fell. Steel one stuck to the motor, PROOF! Now as for my reasoning on getting a repl
  9. Have you tried calling jagprecision? I tried them for the thread adapter, and they were dodgy, but they did mention that they would have the other replacent parts needed, like hop-up sleeves and all. AliceHKfan-Yeah...the system they used is too strange, since some people complained of the thread adapters just falling off during shooting, since they didn't mold the barrel as one piece, or make a QD design. euroa123-Thanks, more to come as I get new things!
  10. Again, did you compare it to the TM sleeves? It may just be upgrade time.
  11. You have attempted to contact JAGprecision or simply trying a TM hop-up sleeve? I'm not sure if they're the same, but I was always under the impression that WE GBBs were TM Clones.
  12. Mine has slight wobble too, so long as it doesn't effect my accuracy I don't mind.
  13. Update! I've completely forgotten about updating my reviews here for a while. I've since gotten a Safariland 6004 for my M9, with the M3 unit attached. I've also played with this gun in the snow, while it did struggle (goes weak full auto) it still worked, got kills, and did its job. As far as the holster, enjoy the new eye candy, as far as a video of it shooting...we're supposed to have a few warm days coming up soon.
  14. Bando, I can certainly say that (and I could have sworn that someone else on one of my reviews said the same) the Coyote Brown coloring is a lot closer to Eagle specs than way back when they were Phantom. As far as quality between the two, I cannot say that I have ever heard a comparison between the two.
  15. @Brooklyn-No, I highly doubt that anywhere sells the CIRAS without pouches, Pantac at least. @Pegasus-Thankyou, this comes in Tan/Khaki, Ranger Green, OD, and CB.
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