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  1. this coming my way soon............slightly sandy Eagle H harness paraclete pouches and HARRIS RF Communications MBTIR AN/PRC-152 Radio Pouch
  2. Agreed, I would say that is an H harness............. luckily I have had a number of eagle SFLCS items from a US PJ source. I have seen/ had/ owned LBT 6094, Eagle SFLCS, Mystery Ranch with TT items mixed together. PJs etc seem to be one of the most most varied users of makes/ types kit is the USSF community.
  3. Looks like the chest rig is the new Tactical Assault Pannel/ chest rig.
  4. Eizen what base rig is that your using? what are you using to fasten it at the sides? i like kevin
  5. I never though you were the kiss and tell type Off this weekend to darkest US kit sources....you never know what you may find for sale on here on monday, or sunday if I get my ###### sorted in time Kevin
  6. First one of those that i get i am keeping..also got some of the dryfire base layers that they are wearing with these.....nice
  7. So...anyone have a source for a genuine ABU Combat Uniform? got a load of the latest abu set with nomex/aramid mix in size large regular..... all as new sets kevin
  8. sorry got my URLs wrong Post deleted kevin
  9. Tempted to dig out my ABUs and put together a modern PJ loadout, did the wannabe one a few years ago in DCU, could be time to ABU it. kevin
  10. A little pic I found yesterday L to R Envis M703E, Anvis 9s and PVS14 kevin
  11. so thats where my vest went to .....nice kevin
  12. Grim The pics I think belong to Ed at http://www.pbase.com/edelias/image/106004635 I am sure he would be willing to help you The weekend was run by Stirling Airsoft and we bought our auscam from warrior webbing in the UK. link http://www.warrior-webbing.com/ Kevin
  13. ACU used in 2 skirmish events kevin
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