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  1. Hi, Been out of the game for some years now, when I last played, MOSFETs were just becoming a thing. Well, I have a gun I want to fit a MOSFET or similar alternative to the flawed M4 trigger contacts to. I intend to use it as a pistol, and M4 systems just lock up too much to be reliable. The problem is, the gun is VERY small, so there is no space to fit an external MOSFET. Whatever I use has to fit inside the box (you'll see why). What might be the alternatives available to me, please? I have seen the JEFFTRON units, I wondered if they were any good? The gun will be running
  2. Like the bloke sitting behind me on the bus this morning who let off a stinker of a fart as hes about to get off. Did I thank him for travelling with First? Did I hell as like. Smug grinning little chimp he was.
  3. Well, the first time I went, it was with a bunch of cagers for a fuel protest. We went to the Ace Cafe (partly to try and get some more support but noone was interested) and then through the the streets supposedly towards the end point (I think BBC HQ?). The cagers were mostly from a Subaru owners club, so they had Imprezas, Foresters and a couple of vans, and one of the van blokes actually offered to put my bike in the back cos he saw how the ****hole car drivers were basically trying to run me off the road. Then the crankshaft sensor went. To their very great credit, the Subaru guys were
  4. I have never ever ridden a litrebike anywhere else and felt vulnerable - I did in London. Never mind that my bike broke down in Soho the first time I went. The problem was, that it too FOUR BLOODY HOURS for the RAC to get to me, and another hour to get outside the M25 after that. And then he had to wait because the knobber didn't have a tach disc and his boss had to bring one. Each time I have ridden into the place, I felt paranoia, fear and hate oozing from the walls. Despondancy, and despair seemed to rise from the tarmac like black condensation. I felt that mere eye contact with
  5. Only 4.5? London needs an earthquake, but with volume turned up to 11. If Scotland secedes, there will still be 4 countries in the UK: England, Wales, Northern Ireland and London. And that hate filled cesspool of a city keeps the rest of us enslaved while it prospers on the backs of the common man. Yeah, I hate London with a passion.
  6. My note of complaint to Parcelforce. --- "Riddle me this", said the 'Riddler' character from the old Batman TV shows. If I had been The Riddler, my riddle would be thus: When is a parcel delivery company NOT a parcel delivery company? When it doesn't actually deliver anything! A secondary answer could very well be: "When it is Parcelforce". Today, I was standing on my driveway, having put my bicycle into the garage, when I saw a gentlemen in a day glo orange coat. Cheery as I am, I looked to him, made eye contact and gave a small wave. Perhaps he had something for me? I -wa
  7. Finally got myself another PS2 Even if the Parcel Farce goon had to sneak up to put the "Cant be bothered to deliver your parcel" note through the door, so I had to collect it from town.
  8. Finally finished porting character sheets over from one roleplaying game system to another. Being a multifaceted game, including squads of personnel, there were 29 to transfer. God knows why they wanted to change the system halfway through a campaign... Yeah, just had another glass of wine with some lovely brie, and all I feel is a little dizzy. Just can't understand what the interest is whatsoever. The remaining 2/3rds of this bottle is sink-bound. Waste of £12, if you ask me.
  9. Ha, I remember having a 200ml can of Scrumpy with dinner, then going to my local bike shop to pick up a cable. I didnt remember the journey and for days later I was going "I gotta go get that cable". I completely lost about a half hour of my memory.
  10. Bus driver. That'd last as long as my first random drug test. Although I consider weed (natural) to be less harmful than alcohol.
  11. Well, I do sometimes like one... ONE... glass of red wine with a large meal. Anything more than that and Im 'ugh'. As an experiment as a kid, I did drink 8 pints of lager over the period of around 4 hours and it rendered me pretty much dead. Usually, I can drink one or two glasses of brandy, or sherry, or liqueur and they don't touch me at all. It sort of depends on the alcohol, I guess.
  12. For the last 15 years or more, I have slept in a bunk bed. Not because I shared my bedroom, but because I needed the space underneath it to store my large manga collection in! Finally, I am returning to normal convention with a new bed <3 Not that I don't like my own little 'Laputa: Castle In The Sky' but... y'know admitting you have a bunk bed at 37 is a little embarrassing. At that age, to use a bunk, you are either barracked, or in prison --- Also, I am happy that I will never, ever be an alcoholic. I got a bottle of white wine to enjoy with some French Brie and biscuits.
  13. Back in airsoft action this weekend! F&O Anzio Saturday, and The Hive on Sunday.
  14. My buddy has his heater matrix down atm. He has it on recirculation to warm up since it doesnt work in normal setting, but then he mists up and has to wipe the screen. Maybe this is the problem? I wish someone would invent demisters for motorcycle visors.
  15. It wasn't as desperate as I thought. 2.3l came out, 3 went in. I reckon it was 200ml below dipstick. No harm done, it seems!
  16. Bloody birds get everywhere I don't think Ive done any harm, there was no other oddness than the smell, and it was about 300ml off the middle of the dipstick. Think I've had a lucky call but I am going to do an oil change on it to be sure. I'm more worried where the oil has gone to, now! Local engineer said "As long as the pump is sending oil, not air, you should be okay". Oh, whilst I am talking about the Griso... I love the bike but whichever idiot gave it only a 17,3l fuel capacity needs to be shot. I can just about make a 110 mile round trip to Sheffield on a tank but am 5
  17. Scorch, did ya buy the bike? What type? For me... it seems that the water dripping into my loft has finally stopped. It has been complicated by my father having it sprayed with that godawful insulation stuff, so you think you have sealed the leak, but because water is still collected in there, it drips in for weeks after. Then you try another sealing attempt etc. Finally, there appears to have been no ingress for 5 months, and the rafter it comes in from is white with waterstain, not wet!
  18. I just went out for a short local ride on the Guzzi Griso, and there's an odd burning smell. The oil was low, I must have gotten lax on checking it. Anyway, no pressure light came on so there is still a feed, but now I am all that I've hurt my motor.
  19. Epic walks at airsoft sites? The old Penix,.. sorry Phoenix... woodland site. I don't know if they still use it. The one with the steps... ...my god... the steps... *ptsd commencing*
  20. 'Be the enemy'... funny I should see this on today of all days... At Phoenix there used to be an unpleasant little creature called Kurt who always wore waffen/SS uniforms. Cheated like hell but got away with it because 'he's a bit special'. Yeah, special enough that he wore SS lapels on a game day that coincided with remembrance Sunday and he didn't see the problem with that...
  21. Very good performance on my ISA. Exceedingly good. Might buy a brand new Guzzi soon.
  22. *lurk lurk* I float in and out of the forums atm. I really should make more of an effort to keep in touch with my friends here, and elsewhere. Often, I feel like a completely selfish *albartroth*
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